People's Experiences With Evaporation Lines. Share here
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sherry - February 11

i know that most of us have questions about evaporation lines, and we stare so hard, sometimes we don't know if we are seeing something, we look so hard and so close, what could that be? and i thought it would be helpful if people shared their experiences about evaporation lines, so we know what to look for, or actually what not to look for. sometimes i don't know if my head is playing tricks on me, or what is up, so if you have an evap. line story, please do share. good to be educated on it.


HopefulK - February 12

SHERRY - Try, its got lots of info about evap lines and pg and ov tests generally. Its helpful. If you google peeonastick you'll get it. xx


angie - February 12

i love that website! my friends think im crazy though...just fyi, i have used hundreds of hpt's (i know, its an obsession) and i have only had one true evap line and that was with the CVS one-step test. its a blue dye +/- test and it really made me mad cause the line popped up right at the 10 min mark and i wasnt i dont recommend that favorite is actually equate


amapolitamomma - February 13

That happened in December. I swear I saw a second line that was very faint. I got so excited, but then I learned about evaporation lines, which are gray, rather than pink. Mine was gray. I was really dissapointed, but at least I learned my lesson. I was using a dollar store test, and have since been wary of these tests.



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