people on twins and multiples board taking unprescribed
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wantobeamom - November 2

fertility drugs to get pg with multiples, why, how, this is to much. They have no idea what we go through, what we would give to have one baby and they are risking their health, the health of their babies to get more than one. I wish I could slap them. Or make them live a month of my life.


T'a - November 2

Why are you hating on them.....over half of us are taking clomid are Femara to help us.... what's the big deal....that's probably what your problem is your hating on other people....what if your only chance to have a baby is to take clomid and you got pg with twins should we hate on you cause we might be pg with one are not pg at all...i want to have one but i would love to have two...if i thought for a min i could take clomid and have twins i would...but as of now i am only on Femara....and praying everyday it works....don't be a hater just be Happy for them.... just like i would be Happy for you..there is no love like a love between a mother and child.......God Bless


To T'a - November 2

I don't think Wantobeamom is talking about people like us who take femara or clomid b/c we have to. I think she's means the fertilemertles out there that order it off the internet in hopes of conceiving twins or more. She's just venting, I'm sure she's just expressing frustration!


me - November 2

For those of us either on or will be on fertility drugs, we are taking them through a drs orders and being carefully monitored. If we are not being monitored, we should be. These women are playing too much with their own bodies, and could do more harm than good. They should not be taking these drugs without a drs okay. If they do conceive, they run the risk of having too many in one gestation period and possible miscarriages, which can both cause mental and more physical stress than there needs to be. Everyone should use good judgement. They were developed for a purpose and should be used that way. This is why there is such a debate over science and technology. It only takes a few bad eggs to ruin a good thing. No pun intended... Be safe ladies.


to T'a - November 2

I think the difference between the women on here and the women there is the fact that the women on the twins board have NO problems ovulating. There main goal with the unprescribed meds is to get mutiple births because they think it's neat. They would be the ones disappointed if they just are blessed with one child. The women on this forum HAVE fertility problems and would be happy to have any child. I think that's what wantobeamom is frustrated about. They are using the meds for selfish reasons.


response to last post - November 3

Perfectly said. Taking this medication without a doctor's supervision can cause terrible problems for the moms and the children. I believe this is the point wantobeamom is trying to get accross.


T'a - November 3

Oh okay....i didn't are right...that being the case i understand now why she felt that way....sorry


Staci - November 3

I totally understand where you are going from wantobemom. I have read that thread. These women are perfectly fertile women who want multiples. We here, hence the problems have pregnancy thread, are having to take fertility pills because we have no other option. In fact, I am on my first round of clomid this month! Hang in there!



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