pelvic pain soon after ovulation
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aish - February 9

i am experiencing pelvic pain soon after ovulation,is that normal or indication of periods, i am so frusturated ... help me out.....ttc 9 mths


Mega - February 9

What are you doing to verify when you're O? Charting BBT? Using an OPK? How soon after you O are you experiencing this pain? It's hard to say what's causing it. Do you have PCOS? Could you have endo? Maybe it is an aftereffect from when you release the egg. Unfortunately there are lots of causes of pelvic pain. I noticed that when I first started TTC & I attributed it to Ov pain but turned out I wasn't O-ing & my irregularity was caused by PCOS so I figured the pelvic pain was really my polycystic ovaries. That's just me though. I'm not saying that's the cause of your pelvic pain. It could be perfectly normal, I don't want to scare you. But are you "regular"? Are you on any fertility meds yet? Any of those could attribute towards your pain too. Have you seen a dr yet? Had your thyroid checked yet? Been checked for PCOS? I hope I gave you a couple things to think about. Sorry I couldn't be of more help yet. Good luck. Hang in there. 9 mos. seems like a long time, it is a long time actually but even being problem free it can take over a year to conceive. In the meantime, has your partner been checked? I'd hate for you to "waste" more time though if there's a male issue too. Fortunately there are solutions for most any problem these days. Dust!


aish - February 9

hi mega,
yeh i checked thru OPk &mydh is fine and me also i have unexplained infertilty , will start my treatment ASAP (shady grove infertility center),they will do IUI , do u have any idea how much it costs?
but as my insurance is not covering & have tigt budget but will start it ASAP.



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