Pelvic Infection
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Jade - April 6

I have a pelvic infection, does that decrease my chances of having a child? Even if i get over it ok and i'm healthy afterwards? Because the infection is in the tubes and the uterus, and i have medication for it to get healed. do you think it will still be ok, i'm really scared I wont be able to have kids. Help me please!


Kelly - April 6

Do you know how long you had the infection? I think that plays a big part of whether or not you will be able to conceive. The reason being the early you catch it, the less chance of developing scar tissue. How did your ob determine that you had this infection? What type of antibiotic are you on to heal it? If I were you, when you finish the med. schedule an appt to have your ob check everything out by ultrasound/laparoscopy, etc. Good luck and God bless.


Cutie - April 6

Jade, what were your symptoms? I am asking you because doctors can not figure out whats wrong with me...Thanks


Jade - April 6

My symptoms are none, all i have is slight pain in my lower abdomen so i went to check it out a couple days after i got it. Right now i'm on antibiotics called Apo-Clindamycin and he also gave me Monnistat which is for yeast infections. He did a pap test to determine the why i had the pain and that was the result. But i'm still very scared!


Jade - April 7

I've been taking my medication and i seem to be getting better. So i guess its not that serious :) Hopefully i will still be able to have kids!


to jade - April 8

Don't worry sweetie.. the best thing is that you recognized something wasn't right early and it is being taken care of! With today's medical science you will have a great chance of becoming pregnant! Just make sure your partner is treated too, because it can spread back to you once you are done treatment. If you are not w/ someone, the obvious is use protection ALWAYS! Good luck to you and don't worry!



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