PCOS with no cysts and normal hormones????-anyone else??
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DD - March 14

My RE thought I had PCOS. She gave me a prescription for Metformin. I had the blood drawn today and a transvaginal ultrasound. I got a message saying my hormone levels are within normal limits (baseline at day 18-I do not ovulate normally or get my period). My ultrasound today showed no cysts or abnormalities. The nurse did not say to take the metformin, but she did not say NOT to take it. I'm not sure if I have PCOS for sure-don't your hormone levels have to be messed up??? my symptoms are: no periods, no ovulation, slight acne...that's about it...Anyone else been like this and did have PCOS????


Katt - March 14

PCOS is a tuffy. My doctor actually referrs to it as an "every womans syndrome" because it is just that a syndrome. Notevery woman has all of the symptoms. I too was told PCOS and I have periods you can set a clock to for the most part. Last September an ob told me I didn'tlook cystic at all...let me ask you this...do you ever get a sharp shooting pain in your lower abs that buckles you for an instant than goes away? That is a cyst repturing. I think we all have cysts every now and again, no ovary is perfect. If you dont mind me asking, how old are you and how long have you been ttc?


DD - March 14

Yes, I get the shooting pains quite frequently. I'm 22, ttc for about 7 months.


Katt - March 15

have you had your thyroid checked?


DD - March 15

Yes, I had a full panel done today-normal, but baseline at day 18ish.... and I had my thyroid and prolactin checked previously also and they were normal too. I have to call the nurse and doctor tomorrow...I'm so confused about this. So what it seems to me is that my body just doesn't do anything at all. I am at baseline all the time. I don't know if the metformin will help or what?? She said I can take clomid in two months if ovulation does not resume.


Katt - March 16

I posted something at "Girls with PCOS-question for you all." Also check out http://www.fertilityjourney.com there are some interesting diagnoses there to read up on for both men and woman. I don't doubt you are cystic, my sister-in-law is very cystic and has had 2 children. I mean, she has had to have surgery to remove a reptured cyst due to infection and possible sepsis.



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