PCOS, then m/c, then no PCOS?
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Sue - July 27

I was diagnosed with PCOS after ttc for 18 months but before I started Clomid we fell pregnant. Unfortunatly we m/c at 13 weeks. 4 days later I had an internal u/s and new eggs could be seen in my ovaries, and no cysts. Has anyone heard of infertility problems disappearing after a m/c?


KellyN - July 27

Well that's interesting! I've not heard of that, but I know that pcos is partially caused by poor diet. Maybe during your pregnancy you were eating better?? Just a guess, I'm no doctor! -kelly


Sue - July 28

thanks Kelly. I was eating a bit better during my pregnancy so maybe that was it. I wish doctors would explain things a bit more.


Laura - August 7

Hi. How did you first know that you had PCOS. My doctor suspects that I might have and I am having an internal u/s or an external one I am not too sure. I have never heard of the link between diet and PCOS but perhaps i should think about changing mine! I believe that pregnancy alters the hormonal balance in the body which could have an affect on PCOS. good luck-I know how frustrating it is ttc and how doctors can seem sooo unsympathetic!


D. - August 7

The best diet for those PCOS is a low carb diet. Has to do with the insulin resistance. But PCOS can be self-correcting. Unfortunately, it doesnt happen often enough but it is possible. I'm very sorry for your loss. I've had two and I know after trying so hard to have it end in a loss is very painful.


Jill - August 8

The hormones from pregnancy will shrink cysts. One of the problems with PCOS is too much testosterone. When you get pregnant, your body is rushed with female hormones, which causes the cysts to shrink, or disappear completely. You can get the same effect from birth control pills.


Sue - August 8

Thanks guys. This will be my 2nd month ttc since the mc. AF due this weekend, no pregnancy signs though.



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