PCOS--Shooting Pains and Cramps-Cyst?!?!
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Staci - October 25

The other night I got these really bad shooting pains from like my uterus all the way down to my groin. It was crampy like menstrual, but at the same time not? I had this really tight feeling in my lower abdominal area almost like gas. But it wasn't! I thought for sure that this was just really bad menstrual cramps, but no period. My boobs are sore and swollen, so of course the idea crosses my mind of maybe, just maybe I am preg? I just think that all the pain sounds a little much for implantation cramping. Don't you think?

I took a pg test a week or two back and BFN. Which didn't surprise me, because I never got a + OPK this cycle. Like that's anything new!

When I look at it from a medical stand point, and not a hopeful am I peggo it, it concerns me a lot. I have PCOS, hence the irregular periods. So I am thinking maybe I have a big cyst on my ovary. Wouldn't that just be great! Just another thing to help add to my infertility.

So... I have dr.'s appt for Wed. and I was just wondering if any of you have ever had anything similar happen to you.


jcr - October 25

sounds promising! i would do hpt and see. With pcos I have heard that opk kits aren't always accurate. This month I never got an opk, but pretty sure I ovulated. When are you due for a period? The boobs are usually the first sign. I went up a bra size before I even new I was pg with baby #1. Good luck.


NORA - October 25

I have pcos and been checking to see if I was ovulating with the test and it showed neg. I got implantation bleeding the following month.(just one day) and sore boobs. Took a preg. test and came out positive. I am now 7 weeks pregnant and today we did and ultrasound and dr. seen 2 babies. Not one but 2. I was in shock but yet I am so excited. I pray to god that he lets me have these babies. I feel so blessed because I've been trying for so long and now it's finally here. I'd say take another test. Baby dust to you all.


TO NORA - October 25

Are you still taking the Metformin?


jcr - October 25

Congrats Nora, baby x 2 that is awesome. How are you feeling? Are you still taking the metformin? I know you were struggling with that from other posts? Did you find a good Dr? Again good luck and keep sprinkling that baby dust!


jcr - October 25

Staci have you retaken a test yet????? Keep us posted!


Staci - October 25

Thanks girls for your encouragement. I figured I would save myself the money out of my pocket and let the insurance company cover the preg test tomorrow at the dr. I am sure they will do one. If they don't, well I am asking for a blood one regardless!! Ya know! If it comes out negative, then I will feel a lot more safe about starting my Provera. If this cycle didn't work, well it is Clomid next. This cycle I was taking Fertility Blend and seeing what it did. I am just praying it actually did the trick!


To Nora from Staci - October 25

Your my hero!!! I am SO happy for you! You give me hope! CONGRATS! Two bundles of joy! You go girl!!!!! Were you taking anything to help you ovulate or just the met?


To jcr from Staci - October 25

How long did it take you on your first and how long have you been ttc for this one? Thanks for the support and encouragement!


NORA - October 25

To Jcr: I found me a really good dr. and he pretty much reassured me that I would be okay if I stopped taking the metformin. I was scared to but I did. And I actually took my first round of clomid 100mg in september and 2 weeks after taking clomid I started metformin 500mg twice a day. I felt sick when I took it twice a day so I just to 500mg once a day. I never expected it to work that fast nor i expected to have twins. It is such a blessing. Now I just have to pray to god that I will hold them both to term. At the same time as being excited, i'm scared because now instead of having one I'll have two. That means two of everything. All I can say is that it is such a blessing because I've been trying for so long. Baby dust to you all and keep your heads up because anything is possible.


Kellie - October 25

I know exactly how you are feeling. I have just been diagnosed with PCOS and to be honest before I found out my partner and I were trying for a baby. I get irregular periods and pain differs each month. My heart really goes out to you. I feel down most of the time, all my friends are having babies and I just keep asking myself "WHY ME?". Luckily I am seeing a very good Consultant who is helping me in every way possible of one day becoming a mom. I would be very interested to see how you get on with your Dr's appt on weds and if it gets too much, email me and we'll talk. Hope all goes well and good luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


me - October 26

Don't know if this helps or not, but I was diagnosed with PCOS and had a late period too with a negative pregnancy test. My period was over a week late. I had sharp stabbing pains in my ovary area for a day or so and it turned out to be a huge cyst that took over my ovary. The only way to confirm the cyst is through a vaginal ultrasound. Hope it isn't. Depending on your estrogen levels, it should go down on its own if the levels are low like they are supposed to be during your period. Good luck.


Staci - October 26

To Me--I looked up Ovarian Cysts and it does sound a lot like what I was/still kind of having. pressure, fullness, or pain in the abdomen ; dull ache in the lower back and thighs;
problems passing urine completely ; and breast tenderness. I will definitely mention all this to the doctor tomorrow. Thank you for your advise on this issue.


me - October 26

No prob. Just trying to help :) Hope all goes well with you. I just finished my period2 days ago and will be going in for my HSG tomorrow. Yikes! Hope it isn't that bad. Good luck!


Sally - October 27

What you have described is the same pain I went through every single month for years. No DR was able to explain the sharp pain which varied from left to right every month. I was crouched over because the pain was so bad. Felt so gassed up I needed to pass wind but even when I did it was torture! Going to the toilet was an absolutely nightmare!! I couldn't pass urine without crying and God help me if it was a number 2! It is 3 days of utter hell EVERY single month!! I was finally diagnosed with PCOS last year and had a laporoscopy to remove the cysts (9). I still get pain to this day so I felt the op made no difference. My gyni told me to use bascopan which relieves abdominal pain and it can and it has but not all the time. My periods came every month they were not irregular. I am 15 pounds over weight and was told to lose it so the pain can reduce. I did at one point losing 12 pounds and still made no difference and now they say once I fall pregnant the pain will go. One problem though - how am I to fall pregnant when the pain comes when im ovulating!?!?!


Staci - October 27

I am sorry Sally that really sucks! Well to find out how my dr.'s appt went just read my post of Doctor's frustrate me and you will find out how my appt went! :(


Repost of Dr. Visit - October 27

Ok so I go to the doctor today because I have been having pelvic pain. Thinking it is due to my PCOS, and maybe the hope that I am pregnant. What do I get ? An hour and a half lecture from not just the intern but from the doctor as well on how I need to lose weight and how to do it. Like I don't f'ing know how to lose weight! It isn't like I haven't tried every diet in the book, or that I was anorexic in HS. No that must not count! Or the fact that I haven't had a bit of bread, pasta, or potatoes for over a month now doing a low carb diet, and lost close to 10 lbs! You would think with the way they talked to me that I was morbidly obese and ate crap all the time, and not 40lbs according to their chart over weight and trying my damnest to not be!!!! It is the same ole crap, You know your PCOS would be better if lost weight. Blah,blah, blah! Well this PCOS is what made me fat! It wasn't like one day I just decided, "Hey I think I will eat everything that crosses my path and get fat. Then I my ovaries will stop working and I won't be able to get pregnant! What a wonderful idea! " I am sorry y'all but I am just sitting here bawling in a fit of rage and frustration for the lack of kindness or consideration these two doctors had. Isn't going months without being about to get pregnant enough of a beating, without someone else throwing it up in your face that if you would just care enough then you wouldn't be going through this! I do care, and I do try! I try so much that I wear myself and my pocket book out trying everything possible to make my dream a reality! How dare they come and slam me down even further! Thanks for letting me vent!



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