PCOS- Metformin question-anyone????
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DD - March 10

I was diagnosed with mild PCOS yesterday and my doctor wants me to start Metformin following confirmation with blood work and ultrasound. We are going to do 2 months metformin and then add clomid after that if I'm not pregnant. So, I have not been getting my period on my own so if I just start taking the Metformin when should I expect my cycles to regulate??? Anyone know???? Anyone been there who can offer some advice???


jcr - March 10

I replied to the femara thread!! Goodluck


Beth - March 11

I have been on Metformin Since november 1st 2005. I too have pcos. Very irregular. When I started in November, My first period came on December 23rd. Then 20th of jan, then feb 25th. It is trying to get me regulated, but at Least I am having one each month. Just give it time. I didn't think it was working at first until I had the one in december. I noticed with me I did have some Light spotting towards the end of november. So you may see some spotting.


DD - March 11

Thanks Beth. That helps. I think I'll try to temp also once I start taking the Metformin. Hopefully I'll see something. She also told me I could also try limiting the amount of carbs I eat and that would only help me out. Did your doctor tell you that??? I'm only about 5-10 pounds overweight so she wasn't concerned about me losing weight or anything. I'm trying to eat more veggies!!!


Bimshire33 - March 12

Hi Beth & DD, I'm new to this forum and would like to join in your discussion as I too have been diagnosed with PCOS and am about 28lbs overweight!. (By the way I am in the UK) My period tends to come whenever it wants to.. which makes it impossible to predict ovulation. I started Ovulex mid Jan, and so far, still no period. I've been doing a lot of reading on line and purchased a few books about PCOS. Yes, a low-carb diet is highly recommended as a way of reducing weight gain and balancing our hormones. I have an appointment this week to see the doc re prescribing Metformin for me. Have been trying to conceive for 4 yrs with only 1 successful attempt that unfortunately ended at 6 wks.



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