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Chicks - July 8

Hi there! I'll give you guys background.. I am 28 years old and ttc for 1 year. Three weeks ago, I was dx with PCOS (after years of awful periods) and the reason why I haven't conceived yet. I was obviously upset at the fact that no one noticed before.. Anyways, they put me on Metformin (started off on 1000 mgs and now on 1500 mgs) and have been using OPK's because I have no idea when I'll be getting my period. I noticed two lines on the OPK's three days in a row that were hard to tell whether there was a difference in colour or not. So, yet again, I'm not sure that I even ovulated. But, now I'm getting sore breasts and nipples, my lower back is sore like I lifted something heavy, I feel nauseated in spurts throughout the day, and I feel like I could sleep all the time. I never feel rested when I get up. Just before and during my period I get most of these things but never the nausea or the sore nipples. Anyone ever experience these symptoms before? I haven't had a period on my own without medication since October of 2004.. Does anyone think that I might be pregnant? Or, maybe it's my period? Or is it the Met? I'm so confused, that I don't know what to think. Anyone else gone through something similar? Lots of baby dust to all of you!


merlee - July 8

Chicks, It sound to me that you might be pregnant. How long ago was the Positive OPT?


[email protected] - July 10

I have pcos too and I am on metformit 1500 mg too and I found out in March 4th of this year that I had it and they put me on metformin and I have skipped my period,all of May and all of June and I don't know if I am pregnant of not so can any one help me?


Chicks - July 11

Hi Merlee! Thanks for the response.. The dark OPK was only last week, so maybe I ovulated late? Or maybe I didn't ovulate at all.. It was hard to tell the difference between the two lines.. The test line was definately not darker than the control line, just very close in colour.. Just weird though because I feel so tired and my breasts are bigger and sore and the nipples are red and extra sensitive. But, I took an HPT last night and nothing.. I wonder if it's possible to feel sore breasts 3 days after ovulation if conception had have taken place.. I'm supposed to get AF this week but there's no hint of it coming.. Maybe I'll wait another week and take another one if the symtoms stay.. How about you? You TTC? For how long? Are you on Metformin? I'll love to have a chat buddy, maybe we have a lot in common! Thanks again, and take care! Lots of baby dust to you..


Chicks - July 11

Hi sis57501! Have you taken an HPT? If you have taken an HPT and it keeps coming up negative, I would go see your doctor and get them to do an ultrasound and bloodwork. There are a lot of women out there who have been two months pregnant and not gotten a + on the HPT but have found out just by the bloodwork or by ultrasound. Also, if you are not preggy, then the doctor can see if you maybe have a cyst that is stopping you from having a period (like me, I never had a period for 7 months because of a cyst). Whatever you do, don't delay, make a doctor's appointment, tell them that you have skipped 2 periods in a row and ask them to do the ultrasound just to make sure.. Good luck and let us know the outcome!


merlee - July 12

chicks, I think you should wait 7 days and test again. I know it is hard to wait, but you'll probably just waste your money if you test too often. I'm on 12 dpo and spotting. DH and I have been ttc for 2.5 yrs and I have learned a lot about how to, w/o getting there.


merlee - July 12

sorry I'm not very chatty tonight, kinda moody and tired. But I'll answer questions.


chicks - July 12

To Merlee: That's OK darlin! I was like that earlier today.. I get like that a lot.. Sorry it's taking a while to get a BFP... This TTC thing sucks sometimes eh? You try everything you can to do everything properly and we get shafted yet people who don't deserve it/want it get preggo no problem.. Sometimes I think it's just not fair.. Have the doctors done testing on you guys? I'm sure they have by now.. You know, I'm not sure of it, but I've heard very many good things about Ovulex (supposedly, many people preggo within first couple of months of using it).. Maybe that something you're willing to try? But, then again, the spotting that you're having maybe implantation.. As for me, breasts are still very sore and sensitive.. I'll take your advice and wait another week to avoid yet another heartache. This week I was supposed to get AF but I still haven't and no sign of it coming.. Anyways, get back to me when you can and take care!


Staci - July 12

Chicks-I have PCOS as well, I just got back on my Met and I am having the exact same symptoms as you are. I have taken a PT and OPK and negative for both, so I am just hoping it will get my cycles going again. I was on it for 6 months had reg. periods, then got off it in April and haven't had one since. :( So I am getting back on it and staying on it until I conceive. Hope this helps you some. Feel free to email [email protected] if you have any more questions. I also posted on the Ovulex down at the bottom if you would like to read up a little bit more on me. Best wishes! *Baby Dust*


merlee - July 13

Hi chicks! Today is 13 dpo for me and spotting. I'm pretty sure AF is on it's way. I have used Ovulex for 3 mo. and was going to order more, but found that they had changed to ingredients and I am allergic to at least 1 of them. So I researched and bought my own herbs and now I am taking Evening Primerose Oil, Alfalfa, Vitex, Red raspberry, and red clover, and Dong Qui. I also had a high prolactin so I use natural progesterone cream which has helped tremendously. My PMS is not nearly as bad, just tired. I have made an apptm with a new gyn this month b/c my doc doesn't seem to listen to me at all. I am actually looking forward to the appt......Well its bed time for me, talk to you girls later.


chicks - July 18

Hi Staci! Thanks for posting.. Sorry, I was off work Friday so I couldn't respond.. Have you gotten anything yet? This PCOS is so confusing isn't it? I can't tell when I'm getting a period as well, that's the frustrating part. We've just been BD'ing every two days in the hopes that if I did/do ovulate, then we won't miss it.. I wish we were the portion of those women who can tell what day they will get their period down to the hour eh? LOL! That would make this so much easier.. I just went to the washroom this morning and saw a little smear of pinky/red but that's all.. Hopefully that means that I will have a period on my own as I have not had one since October of last year on my own.. Either that or it's implantation.. (one could only hope eh? LOL!) Good luck to you also and thanks so much for your response.. Baby dust (and lots of it) to you as well! Take care and keep me posted..


chicks - July 18

Hi Merlee! How are you doing sweetie? Did you end up getting AF? Good for you that you're finding a new doctor.. I had to do the same. Whatever happened to a doctor who actually cares?? They're few and far between I'm afraid.. I hope he/she is what you're looking for! Do you find that the herbs make you feel any better or are making a difference? I have an herb store right up the road from my work so I might consider it if it's making a difference with you.. Are you feeling a little better these days? I sense that you are sad and frustrated with this whole situation and I don't blame you a bit. I understand what you are going through and I'm always here if you need to talk.. Take care of yourself, OK? Baby dust (and tons of it..)


Daley - July 18

Hi girls, I would like to know who is taking ovulex and metformin at the same time? How do you feel? Please answer.....Baby dust to all!!!!!!


merlee - July 18

chicks! Hi! I am okay. Thanks for your concern. AF came right on time with lots of cramps. I have been a little sick to my stomach all weekend and just realized it was probably due to all the fresh fruit (cherries) I have been eating. I got the book "The Infertility Cure" and started studying it this wkend. I had renewed hope that all will be well. Then DH called me at work to tell me his job is taking him away again for at least 12 days this time ( I just barely got home before he had to leave). He should be home 2 days after I Ovulate, LOL!! I think he was more upset than I was, though. I have a lot going on the next couple of weeks to keep me busy. I really think the herbs are working their magic and maybe that is why I am not depressed right now. If you are thinking of trying herbs, I highly recommend this book. I bought mine, but I bet you could get it at the library to just check it out first. After years of slight AF (only I or 2 days) and doc saying "as long as you have a period, everything is fine", I find in this book, that it is not fine, and now I know what to do about it. I like having some control over what happens to my body, instead of relying on some doctor who doesn't know me from the next girl!! Sending load of ~~~Baby ~ Dust ~~~ your way!!


Staci - July 18

Hey girls! Well still BFN but having weird symptoms. I have an ob/gyn appt for next week so we will see. My back has been hurting for a couple of weeks as well as my boobs! Grrr... I am also sick to my stomach at least once a day. Who knows? I will have the doc do a blood test. Baby dust to you all! Chicks keep us posted. Merlee, sorry to hear your dh is going to be out of town. Maybe you will be late ovulating! That would be one time where you would want it to be! ;)


merlee - July 18

Staci, do you chart BBT? If so, is your temp still up? I usually know by 11-12 dpo if AF will show (always does) by decrease in temp. It really saves on those HPT's. I don't mean to be discouraging. I hope your symptoms are right and you are preggo!! Good luck and baby dust to you!! and to chicks!!


Staci - July 18

Merlee--I stopped charting back in May. :( I had periods regularly for six months, and I was taking Met. Then I decided to stop taking it for reasons thinking it would hurt baby. When
I it came time to ovulate and I never did, I just got discouraged and stopped. I know shame on me. I had some spotting for a couple of days in May, which I never accounted for other than that. But I guess it could have been a period. Since the end of June
I have been having symptoms like the onset of a period that will never come. I have no clue. Thanks for the apology but you didn't squash my hopes. I personally think it is probably just my screwed up system. I know there are people out there where home preg test never show it, but I doubt that is the case for me. I just want something to happen!!! LOL I am tired of feeling this way!



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