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Otilia98 - June 6

I just had a period and was wondering if I actually ovulated. I have not had a natural period since December. I had one induced in March and started Metformin. I just got a period last week. It seemed normal, a little heavy in the beginning and then tapered off and lasted about four days. Does anyone have any idea if that may have been due to ovulation, or was it just anovulatory bleeding?


linds99 - June 6

Sounds like ovulation to me. I have PCOS too. (but get a regular period every 35 days on my own) Anwyay, my doc says the longer and the redder and heavier the likely it would be you didn't ovulate...so in this case it sounds like a normal one...if it wasn't bad/long.


Otilia98 - June 6

Thanks, it was red, but normal length of time and only heavy the first day.



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