PCOS /METFORMIN/ CLOMID/ bravelle/ovidrel
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I have been ttc for almost 2years now and I just started seeing a specialist in march. That's when I was told I have PCOS I'm on so many meds I feel like a medhead. I'm on it all and I really feel like it's no hope for me. Is anyone else out there in the same? I feel so depressed. I just got married Last month and I so affriad that I won't be able to give my husband a child.


Lynn - July 31

SUMDAYBABY...after 3 years of TTC(clomid, femera, follistim and the list goes on), many trips to the RE, a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy along with loosing right tube.. it was confirmed i had PCOS. i was put on metformin. I am happy to report that 7 months later i am heading into my 14 week of pregnancy with the help of no drugs....except the metformin for PCOS. don't give up hope...it will happen but just might take longer than you want it to. i am also older as that was not on my side either...good luck to you.



Thank you so much Lynn I was ready to give up. Do the metformin make you very nausea . The shots make me sleepy and the mood swings and hot flashes is a hole nothe story.



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