PCOS/Metformin and early pregnancy
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Katie - June 12

Hi, i was diagnosed with PCOS back in april 2000, since then i was on all kinds of pills and then had coil in. i had coil removed in march and was put on metformin 500mg 3 times a day. my last period was 18th april, i did a pregnancy test and it came out positive. (in fact i did 6 cos i did not beleive it!!) i am now 7 weeks and 5 days, i had my first dating scan on friday and it shows the baby is 3.3mm it should be about 10mm by now. does this mean it is a side effect from metformin (i stopped it when i found out on advice from the gp) i am eating well, stopped smoking and drinking...i hope it doesnt mean i will m/c...any advice on poor fetal growth?


To Katie - June 12

Metformin has not been proven to cause birth defects in pregnancy. In fact, with PCOS women, it will help prevent miscarriage. Most OB's recommend taking it for the first 12 wks during pregnancy. Some even recommend taking it the entire pregnancy. Hang in there. Your baby could still catch up in growth. Did you find out the baby's heart rate? That would help indicate the viability of the baby. Good Luck to you!


Drew - June 12

Hi Katie and congratulations! Don't worry about the Metformin. It's true, it hasn't been proven to cause any abnormalities, and in studies actually helped women with pcos not to miscarry. If you go to dogpile or google and look up "metformin in early pregnancy" you will find tons of studies. I looked there myself cause I'm on it too and I wanted to know if I should continue taking it if I get pregnant. One reason the baby might be a little small right now is if you actually are not as far along as you think. That actually happened to my best friend. They were very concerned but looked over dates, hcg levels and found it was actually less mature than they thought. Don't worry, things will work out! Good luck!!


Katie - June 12

Hi guys thanks for your help, i find this board useful. The only thing is, views with early pregnancy and metformin seem to differ here in the UK to in the USA. In the UK there is not much research done with metformin but a lot of doctors say stop taking it immediately. My doctor told me that because i conceived whilst taking metformin then it wasnt a so called "natural conception" because i was on drugs at the time. Therefore, in her words...my chance of miscarriage would be the same as someone without PCOS because my eggs would be just as strong. I personally do not think she is correct. I hope my dates are wrong, but since being on metformin my cycle always started on the 18th of the month for the last 3 months. I did my pregnancy test on the 25th of the month and it picked it up as positive. Its weird because at first i had tender breasts and couldnt stop yawning, I have no sickness or nausea at all. All these signs have now disappeared but i cant stop going to the toilet...im up and down like a yo yo, also my appetite is thought the roof. I started to eat more to help it grow....thats my excuse anyway. It would would be good to find an english forum where the views might differ from usa. thanks for your help anyway, love katie



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