PCOS,Metformin, and Clomid---help
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MonieMarie - June 8

Ok, I am new to all of this so I need a lot of help. I was diagnosed with PCOS in February and have been on Metformin since...on June 13th I have a doctors appointment and he basically said that if I wasnt pregnant that he would start me on clomid. I have no idea how clomid works....I heard ladies saying they took it like 3-7 or 5-9....what does this mean, and why the difference? When do my husband and I have intercourse? And do I have to go into to get tests done periodically to test for follicles(something I also heard mentioned)....basically I need the 411 on starting Clomid....any responses would help me sooo much!!!Thanks Ladies


jcr - June 9

Hi, I too have pcos. Got pg with daughter #1 just before going through the fertility route. I tried for 5 years on my own! I am now pg with #2. I was on metformin 1500mg daily and instead of clomid, I took femara days 3-7 and then did hcg shot once follies looked mature. I got lucky first round. Clomid didn't seem to work for me. A good Dr should monitor you before taking clomid and then probably around day 10 do an ultrasound to check for follicles. They should keep monitoring until things look nice and mature. I also strongly recommend with pcos, getting the hcg shot, it takes the guess work out of when you ovulate. That was what I found so frusterating was never knowing for sure. Goodluck, hang in there and there is hope with pcos for healthy child or children. Bellyrubs


MonieMarie - June 12

Thanks so much jcr...anyone else have some helpful info...or any questions I should ask the doctor?? My appointment is tomorrow....BabyDust to everyone!



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