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Tara - October 15

I am 28 years old and would to try again. I have a set of twins due to injectiables and 2 IUI's. My doctor won't let me try Clomid saying that it will not work and won't prescribe it to me. I found this product by Selmedica. Does it really work? Will it work for PCOS. Please someone help


trying in NC - October 15

Tara - what product have you found? I was put on glucophage for my PCOS which helps us regulate and ovulate. I am waiting to be given permission to try again, just had an ectopic pregnancy, and taking 1000mg 2x day. Lots of people are on this under the metformin post. Look for another doctor if not satisfied. My doctor told me clomid would not work with PCOS. Good Luck


me - October 16

Some drs do a clomid challange test, to see if you respond to it. Yes it can work for PCOS, but nothing is guaranteed. Most drs like to prescribe metformin alng with the clomind so not only are you regulating your body's insulin levels helping to regulate your hormones, but you have a chance of increasing pregnancy with clomid.


Tara - October 17

I am 28 and also have PCOS. Clomid did get me to ovulate. I haven't been pregnant yet but Clomid brought my numbers to where they needed to be. I took Metformin along with the Clomid.


Mega - October 17

I have PCOS, & am Metformin 1500 mg. I have taken Clomid & responded to it in the past. And I'm waiting to see if I respond to it this time. I had an u/s today in fact & there was really just one follicle & he wasn't measuring very big. I go back on Thursday for another u/s, I'm hoping for a big old growth spurt for that little eggie. But anyway, as the pp said, some people with PCOS can respond to Clomid. Good luck! I hope you get a BFP real soon. Baby Dust! How old are your twins? I'm hoping for twins, actually!


jcr - October 17

Tara, I have heard the sometimes people with pcos respond better to femera. I had no luck with clomid. I am trying acupuncture for the next couple months with metformin. If this doesn't work I am going to ask to try femara next. Good luck



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