PCOS, drug treatment and sucess rate?
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scoutsout - May 15

Hey gals! I am new to the forum and I have a few questions in regards to PCOS-treatment and if it is working. I am 26 and was diagnosed in March with PCOS. I had not had a period in 3 months and my doctor gave me provera to start my period. She also put me on Meteforum once a day. Once my period started I took Clomid cd3-7, estradiol (twice a day)cd8-12 and prometrium cd18 until my next period started. Anyone else taking similar schedule of drugs? I did not get pregnant. I started my second month of drugs and forgot to take the Estradoil the first two mornings on cd8&9. On cd 14 I started my period. It was heavery than usually and lasted a little longer. My doctor just had me start the drug schedule over from the start. Anyone had similar problems? I started this round of drugs a day late-do you think it will mater?
I am so lost and frustrated-I know there are many of you who have been trying much longer than I have and my hats are off to you. Just need a little help and guidance! Thanks in advance!


Lynn - May 15

Hey Scout....I am 38 and have been TTC for a little over 3 years. I have had a m/c in 2004 and an ectopic in 2005. I have also been diagnosed with PCOS and have done different types of drug schedules. I have completed 2 different 4 months trials of clomid. That was the worst. When doing clomid, I only did clomid...nothing else. I did have to take provera at the beginning 2 cycles of clomid. In August of 2005, I did follistim injections for the 1st time (ectopic pregnancy) and did prometrium from cd 16 until 8 weeks pregnant. In October, I was given metformin 1000mg to take 2x a day (I still take). In Jan, Feb, and March 2006, I did femera along with metformin...nothing. In April 2006, I went back to follistim injections+metformin...nothing. I am taking May off and doing follistim + IUI in June and hoping for a BFP. I have never taken estradiol so no clue about that one. Sorry if not much help. Good Luck.


pj - May 16

Hi Scout, I am 30, and am only on clomid. The days are same CD-3-7. I know that in some cases(related to insulin ), they prescribe metamorphin, and together clomid and metamorphin are more effective. But, I have not used estradiol or prometrium....but then, I have also not managed to get pregnant....Baby dust..


scoutsout - May 16

Lynn thanks for the encouragment and good luck to you. Can you help catch me up on the terms? What does IUI, BFP and AF stand for? Thanks-Scout


Lynn - May 16

Hey scout......AF = Aunt Flow (period)... BFP = Big Fat Positive/Big Fat Pregnancy IUI = intrauterine insemination There are all kind of terms but do not give up. Ask away and anyone will answer. Google lots and read lots. I read different threads to get a better understanding about things. Are you seeing an RE or just your OB? Hope this helps. let me know if you need anymore explanations.


scoutsout - May 17

Just my OB. Does RE stand for reproduction something? What makes everything a little more complicated is my husband is in the Army so we have just recently moved. I was hoping that I could get p/g before seeing an army doctor. You never get the same one twice and I'm not sure what kind of hoops we'll have to go through for fertility testing...my OB said if after 6 months we weren't p/g to go through the testing. Another kink is that in about 6 months my husband will be deploying to Iraq for a year and I don't want to waste another year. Does that make sense?


Lynn - May 17

Hey Scout....yes, I completely understand. There is another girl I was talking to and they both were in military and in Japan I believe and she was having the same issues. Iraq...Gosh, I wish you luck and hope he is safe while he is there. Do you have any children? Where are you all currently stationed? Keep me posted and if you need to chat, I can listen.


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 17

I am on metformin 1000mg daily I have pcos. Dr will not give me anything else. What does Estradoil and prometrium do?


scoutsout - May 17

Thanks Lynn-we're in TX. No children, this would be our first and it never crossed my mind that it wouldn't be easy.
Bubbles, I'm not an expert and probably didn't ask enough questions when she put me on the meds. But my basic understanding is that after the clomid the uterin lining is thick so the estrodial helps to thin it out and then you have so much estrogen that the prometrum helps equal it out. I know that when she did blood work my hormones were at like a 4:1 ratio instead of 2:1. I know that doesn't help much. I am new to this and there are a lot of other women who can tell you more than Ic an. Good luck to you!


cangirl - May 17

hey scout i advice is to try taking
Folic acid 400mcg -
Zinc 30mg 30mg
Selenium 100mcg
Linseed (flaxseed) oil 1000mg
vitamin b complex 50 mg
Vitamin E 400iu
Vitamin C 1000mg
Vitamin A up to 2300iu
Manganese 5mg
this how i conceived my baby i have pcos my doc tried me on metformin it tried to shut down my liver ended in hospital for a month the when i got out i did some research started taking those vitamins for two months and started bbt charting on third month and got pregnant

wishing you the best in your journey to motherhood


scoutsout - May 17

Thanks Cangirl! Can I take all those in addition to the Metformin? I am also taking a prenatal. Congrats to you!



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