pcos- could the docs be wrong?
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sas - August 11

TTC for 9 months now. No luck. After an ultrasound my doc (GP) thinks I have pcos. I had blood test on cd 21 but told my doc that wouldn't show anything beacuse I did no ovulate till day 21. She agreed. So had blood test done again on day 28. Now waiting for the results. I am trying to get info on pcos in the meantime. I have found that I do not have any of the symptoms that go with pcos. Is there a chance that the doc is wrong about pcos?


D. - August 11

Of course the doc can be wrong. They're only human. And too often they go for the the easiest diagnosis, treat for that, and when it doesn't work they move to the next. Ask him why he thinks you PCOS. If you don't buy what he's saying, find yourself a new doc or ask for a referral to an RE. PCOS comes in varying degrees so it doesn't mean you don't have it. But you have to trust your doc.


sas - August 11

Thanks D, Have a apponitment with fertility clinic, but not till Nov! Didn't know pcos comes in varying degrees. Thats useful to know. I'm sure I will have more faith in the fertility speacialist rather then my normal doc. But I hate this waiting game.


To Sas - August 11

I too have PCOS and have none of the symptoms associated with it. I too was shocked as we have been trying for 3 years. My doc advised me to lose some weight as I was 10 kgs overweight, to eat low GI foods and to keep my stress levels down. So basically I am watching what I am eating and have lost 2kgs...8 to go! :) The stress part is one thing I'm struggling with as you all can understand - watching temps/knowing when ovulating and then month after month my periods turn up! I'm sure it will happen eventually!


KellyN - August 11

Hi sas! I just found out from an u/s that I have PCOS at the beginning of this cycle. My doc is really positive about it too. I have had no symptoms of it at all. I have a regular cycle, am not over weight, temps show that I ovulate on time, etc. So you can imagine how shocked I was when the doc showed me the cists. He said mine was a somewhat mild case, that I could still get pg. He put me on a diabetic med and started me on clomid. It was so hard every month when I would get that bfn on the hpt. Even though it is not good news, I am glad that I know why we were having such trouble. I feel confident now that it will happen in time. I got my af today, so on to another month of meds, but it will be worth it in the end! -kelly


sas - August 11

Thanks girlies, All info is useful. Good luck and keep me informed so when you get your bfp it will give me so hope!!!!


Becca - August 14

I have PCOS and I do have symptoms, I don't have periods, I have to exercise like 2 hours a day or else I gain weight, even eating healthy, however, I have done a lot of research on PCOS since I was told it is the reason I am not able to conceive without fertility drugs. PCOS is where your ovaries have lots os small cyst-like follicles in them. Usually they are only noticed when you have an ultrasound on day 2 of your cycle because otherwise they are mistaken for maturing ones. The doctors could be wrong but they could be right. You may want to ask for an ultrasound just to be sure if you are really concerned. Oh yeah, some other symptoms are excessive body and facial hair and acne.


Sas - August 19

Your not going to believe this girls but guess what????? AF didn't come on day 13/14 dpo like is always does. And this week I have been working nights and days so unable to take my bbt. So15dpo, bought a test. Thought no way because of this pcos and...................BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?


KellyN - August 19

Sas!!!! That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! You give the rest of us hope!!!!! Congradulations and send some baby dust this way! -kelly


sas - August 19

Thanks Kelly, Going so see the Doc this afternoon to hopefully get BFP confirmed, but also to get the results of the blood test I had 7dpo. So either I am just very lucky or the Doctor was wrong. (This doctor is just a local doctor not a fertlility doctor) Just got my appointment through to see the fertility specialist but not till November. Lets hope i will be going for my first scan at this time instdead!. Baby dust to all on this board. xxx


K - August 19

Hey Sas, congratulations!!! You must be so pleased. That is exactly what happened to me. I was really suffering with late AF every month, bloating and acne so I saw the doc and was diagnosed with PCOS after a blood work showed elevated male hormones. Anyway I thought nothing of it when as usual my AF was a week late, esp after the diagnosis! I took a test anyway and got bfp. I'm 22 weeks now. There is hope for PCOS sufferers!!


D. - August 19

Congratulatins!!! WOW! That's just awesome. Spread some of that babydust around, will ya? I wish you a happy and healthy (and very boring!) 9 months!


Jolene - August 20

I was diagnosed with pcos last August after trying to get pregnant for 2 years you may still get a period but not ovulate i do not have all of the symptoms either, I tried clomid for 7 months with no luck i am now looking at laproscopy it lowers testosterone levels and helps you to ovulate, Are you trying to concieve?


sas - August 26

ok update.... not good news. All pregnancy symptoms have disappeared, have brown bleeding and cramping. Will go for ultrasound next fri to confirm that i am having a miscarraige. I feel very low right now any advice?


KellyN - August 26

Oh sas!!! Not all bleading during pg leads to m/c. Hopefully that is not what it is. You rest now, and let us know what happens. If you are m/c we will be here for you next month to make sure you get another bfp, but for now try and stay positive until you know for sure. I'm praying for you hon! -kelly


Becky - August 29

I don't know if I trust the docs when they say that. My doctor told me that at the beginning of August. All pregnancy tests were negative at the time (I was 2 weeks late). This did happen to me earlier this year and then in April I had a M/C. He gave me Provera which I finished last Monday along with Metformin (because he said I was PCOS). Well, my period never came and I was feeling really queasy so my husband insisted that I take a HPT on Friday and it turned positive VERY quickly. He wanted me to take a different one on Saturday (just in case) and it turned positive too. I'm going to the doc tomorrow to confirm. Based on my last period, I would be 8 weeks now, but don't know why I didn't have a positive result at 2 weeks late. I guess I could've gotten pregnant later than expected, but I know it was in July. I'm scared now because I took that Provera. I don't think I can handle another M/C this soon. Sometimes I think docs jump to conclusions too quickly.


K - September 5

Hi Sas. Just wondering how the scan was on Friday. My pregnancy symptoms came and went a lot in the first trimester and I had a good deal of spotting to begin with. I hope things have worked out ok.



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