PCOS can anyone help
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NORA - October 4

Hi kerri I just found out that i'm pregnant after trying for 3 years. Dr. Put me on clomid and metformin 2 weeks ago and I'm not supposed to get my period for 3 more days(normally I'm 5-10days late) But I only spotted for one day. Went to the dr. today and pregnancy test came out positive. I was in shock, shaking you name it every emotion went through my body. My dr. told me to stop taking metformin but I'm afraid to loose my baby. Can you please give me some advice on what your dr. told you about metformin. My dr. is not a big help to me at all. I read about alot of people staying on it. Are you still on it? I look forward to getting some advice. Thanks and baby dust to all.


Don't give up!!! - October 4

I have pcos, and tomorrow I will be 12 weeks pg! :) We had been ttc for almost 5 years and happened to see my ob/gyn for pcos. He asked if we had been ttc and I told him for nearly 5 years. He started me on Metformin and Clomid. Said we could do the Clomid for 3 cycles, then move onto an injectable if that didn't work. On the third and final cycle I got the surprise of my life and my bfp!! It can happen, don't give up hope! Baby Dust to you all!


NORA - October 4

To Dont give up,
I was wondering if your still on metformin of did the dr. make you stop taking it. I just got a positive test and dr. told me to stop taking metformin. I need help, should I stop or should I continue.


Kerri - October 4

To Nora.....congrats on the BFP! It's so exciting! I'm going to a RE...I was slowly supposed to be increasing my Metformin dose to 2000 when I found out I was pregnant, I had only made it to 1000mg so the RE told me to continue at that level. SO i'm still taking 1000mg of Metformin--I wanted to continue it, but miscarriage is still my greatest fear. I have u/s in one week....hope this baby is full term. My RE said, he's "supposed" to recommend to come off of metformin with BFP b/c there isn't research to confirm that it does/or does not cause harm...but he told me if his sister was pregnant that he'd recommend that she stay on it(and yes, he does like his sister) I'm not sure if it will be for whole pregnancy or just first trimester. I'll see RE next week. Did your doctor do a fasting insulin level and 2 hour gluclose test before he prescribed the Metformin to you? Hope this helps and once again congrats!!!!!!!!!


Don't give up - October 4

I stayed on the Metformin for the first 9 weeks cause I had done plenty of research which had supported staying on it to reduce the chances of m/c. When I got my bfp (found by bhcg at ob's office) they told me to stay on it till my first appt (at 10 wks) atleast. Had my first u/s at 9wks and baby looked great with a strong heartbeat. At my 10wk appt ob said to come off it now as it probably has done all the good it would do. What he told me was there is no absolute concrete yes or no in research that says wether continuing the Metformin after a bfp will reduce the m/c risk or not, but it does suggest that it does early on. As for birth defects/fetal harm, there is no indication that it will harm your baby. I think it's a personal choice. If you look up metformin in early pregnancy on google, you can find lots of studies and maybe make your decision based on that. Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!!


Amanda - February 6

I was diagnosed with PCOS four years ago. I have had metiformin, clomid and hormone injections with no luck.


Mel - February 7

I was diagnosed with PCO three years ago. I have been trying to get pregnant for the past two and a half years. For the first six months, I tried naturally and had no success. Then I was put on metformin (500mg x 3 times a day)and I got pregnant the first month but had an early miscarriage. I was not very regular with metformin initially. Then six months later, I was put on a combination of metformin (same dose as before) and Clomid. I got pregnant again after 4 cycles, but miscarried again very early. I alot of reading and realized that accupuncture, a change in my diet and excercise were what helped alot of people get pregnant. So, I changed my diet i.e I started having a low carbohydrate diet (which was very hard for me since I love carbs), I started excercising (45 minute walk everyday) and I started accupuncture. After three months of the above, I decided to take a break from all my medications for two months and then try IUI. Well, in the two month break.....I got pregnant naturally!!! I have no idea what did it, although I truely suspect it was a combination of diet, excercise AND accupuncture (which is supposed to normalize your hormones after about three months). Hope tihs helps somebody out there as other peoples stories helped me!



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