PCOS and the window of opportunity
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Andri - September 5

Hello everyone. I am looking for some PCOSers that have had success conceiving or are trying to. I have a crazy cycle that makes it hard to find my ovulation window of opportunity, and it's extremely discouraging. Doctors don't really know if I'm even able to have children or not, but at this point, it's a trying game to see what happens. However, since getting off the pill a year ago, my cycle has been insane. Prior to the pill, I had a period every 53 days. Now, I have a period every 21 or so days that LASTS 24 days - yes, I've told my doctor. Because it's only been 10 months off the pill, they still attribute it to that, saying I will probably level out. However, my husband and I desperately want to conceive, but that is one crazy schedule to figure out. Any advice? Encouragement? I feel like I'm never going to have children, and it's getting hard watching all my friends have kids while I'm constantly let down...



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