PCOS And Pain During Sex!!!!
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Mrs. Atacador - January 14

I suffer from PCOS and have VERY bad pain during intercorse. Most of the time I refuse my husband because I am SOOO afraid of the pain. I have seen doctors about this and they keep telling me to use lubricant and I have tried it, it helps but I never had this problem before I found out I had PCOS. So what is the deal. Why now do I have to use lubrication. I dont understand. When I did research on the internet it said thats a side effect from the PCOS. Is it true? Help please!!!!


KeiraYvette - January 17

Hi Mrs. Atacador ... I have PCOS too but dont have the pain problem but we do use lubricant all the time too so that could help.. All the research I have looked at over the past 4 months on PCOS and have never seen this as being a side effect, a million other things but not painful intercourse... not too sure?!?


lyric - January 17

you could have a cyst. I have PCOS and this happened to me one cycle. I went for an u/s and bam two cysts one on each ovary. Once the cysts went away there was no more pain. Have you had an u/s? Ask you doctor b/c there are a few things that can cause this and s/he will be able to help you..


Mrs. Atacador - January 17

Thank you KEIRA and LYRIC for your help. I have talk to my regular dr. about this and he said to use more lub also. We do and it helps a little, but not much. I have done some research and it said that painful intercouse is a side effect of PCOS, so im thnking it has to do with that. I go to see a Fertility Spec. on Fri. so I will ask him and also abou the u/s. I have never heard of that I dont know what it is. Could you tell me LYRIC. Thank you again girls. It helps to have support.


Lynn - January 18

MRS ATACADOR: i was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2000. After 3+ years of trying and lots and lots of research, i found a lubricant called preseed that is sperm friendly and also helps with pain during sex. you might wish to try that. also, after many different methods of drugs...i went off of everything except the preseed lubricant and got pregnant. best of luck.


Mrs. Atacador - January 18

Lynn...thank you SOO much hunny...I will deff. look for that lub. and CONGRATS to you...I wish you and your family all the best of luck. Thank you again


Nikki12384 - January 30

I found out that i had PCOS about 4 years ago when i was 19.. I never had pain during sex.. But now i have started to feel alot of pressure the day after i have sex kinda feels like my overies are playing soccer in there.... good luck


kcollins - December 1

Hi hun i feel for you, i have the same problem, i have pcos, and extreme pain during intercourse and around ovulation and periods, the doctor told me also to use lubricants but it didnt help at all. he is at the moment refering me to have a laproscopy(sorry cant spell it) too look for endomitriosis, Hope it has all worked out for you, and other ladies dont give up after 5 years of trying i have now got a happy healthy 8month old little boy, never give up hope, xxxxx


mountaingirl922 - January 3

Hi there!
I too have PCOS and I have severe ovarian pain during ovulation cycle and during sex while ovulating. I can see how difficult this would make it for someone trying to conceive, the experience pain during the days that you most need to have sex. Luckily, we aren't trying to conceive anymore so I just avoid sex during those days. I also experience mittelschmerz, which is the sharp pain experienced when the ovary releases the egg. I think it's all related to PCOS. I hope this helps some of you at least to figure out what you might have or not have.
Good Luck!!


Torim89 - January 10

I was diagnosed with pcos after I turned 18 years, I'm 23 now. I had all the leading symptoms. Weight gain, no periods, excessive hair growth etc. SUCKS! My dr up me on birth control to try to regulate my periods and I was on it for about a year and half but I stopped taking because I would always mess up and I gained even more weight. My boyfriend and I of 3 years really want children however we know it may be difficult. We have been having unprotected sex for over 6 months. If we conceive without help then more power to us. But no luck yet. Tonight we were having intercourse and I had a sharp stabbing pain in my lower right abdominal area. If almost felt like really bad menstrual cramps, I'm guessing it has something to do with pcos. I'm going to a gynecologist sometime next week, haven't seen one yet. I'm hoping I can get help with this disease and symptoms. It's nice to talk to females no suffer from this same problem


leann96 - November 6

I was diagnosed with Pcos 2 weeks ago and I'm 17 and don't know if its anything to worry about or not... I was told I should go see a specialist?? Any advcice?


Nikki101 - December 1

Leann96 i would only go to a specialist if ive been TTC without any luck.


Nikki101 - December 2

Leann96 i would only go to a specialist if ive been TTC without any luck.


Nikki101 - December 2

Leann96 i would only go to a specialist if ive been TTC without any luck.


jenna2411 - July 8

I was diagonsed with pcos...and its been one yr since i am taking treatment for this...how much long time will it take to cure...


gbUser - February 27

Pcos is mainly caused by hormone imbalance, if you want to "cure" it you need to look into ways to regulate your hormones (diet, exercise, sleep, stress etc.). Its a hard process and requires commitment, otherwise it's unlikely to go away. I had PCOS for 2 years , my ovaries were full of cysts, bad acne and all the rest, and now I only have 1 cyst in 1 ovary all thanks to lifestyle changes and commitment to it. Also birth control does help if you're not against it, however the pill alone wont help you.


wellspringivf - April 3


Pain during sex is the symptom of PCOS, I would suggest you to visit fertility specialist who will diagnose the real cause of pain.
Don't worry and stay positive.



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