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Otilia98 - June 8

I am confused as to whether or not I should use OPKs if I have PCOS. I know that they may not be accurate, but were they accurate for anyone? I have had positives the last two days. Second day much stronger than the first day.


linds99 - June 8

I have PCOS, and temp...and I use the Clear Blue Easy ovulation monitor with sticks and I found they are coinciding with one another in terms of high fertility and peak.. (I get the egg symbol the day I have the really dark line) and the next day my temp rises...so I would say use them, despite the fact you have higher LH than most women. In my case, I find otherwise, but I have the subset of PCOS...so everyone is different.


Otilia98 - June 8

I am sorry but what is the subset of PCOS? How long are your cycles for? Are they regular? I am just confused because my positive OPK was at cd 10 (which is what the doc told me to start testing at, but that seems early.


linds99 - June 8

My RE diagnosed me with the sub-set of PCOS since my LH, FSH is normal, and glucose levels are ok...I also don't have the standard "pearl necklace" on my ovaries, but I do have little cysts I saw on the ultrasound scattered. I'm also thin at 120 lbs 5'5" and don't have acne, but my hair seems to fall out...but not bald thank God. Anyway, I suppose the more cysts and bigger cysts you have the more LH is present in the urine when testing, which is why some women never detect the surge really. I start testing on CD 11 with my monitor and sticks and start getting high fertility usually around CD 13 and on through CD 18-19 or CD 20 with the peak fertility (or egg symbol)....I generally ovulate on CD 19-20 or 21. But I do look at the sticks and notice it very dark on CD 18-CD 19 and then it goes lighter...so I am detecting the surge. Are you temping too? It would be itneresting to see if you get the temp spike when you get a dark line too....


linds99 - June 8

Oh, my cycles are 35-36 days.


LB - June 8

Hi i have pcos and have been using opk's with no problem. The only time i would say you would have a problem is to have constantly positives on the opk's like 7 days straight. Are you on clomid? That could produce a positive if you test to early. I am on clomid and to make sure i am using it right, i test on day 10 and always see a negative then i continue til i see a positive which for me seems to be around day 19 or 20. I would b/d just in case you did ovulate early. Good luck!


Otilia98 - June 10

Thanks for the responses. Well now I have had four consitently positive OPK's and no temperature shift. Not to mention that I am only on cd 13. I think that it is safe to assume that they are just not accurate for me?



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