PCOS and going to get an HSG and scared..
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ROBYN - February 8

I have just started the infertility process. I was officially diagnosed with PCOS in the beginning of January. My fiance and I decided since we are getting married in 9 months that why not try to have a baby. I have a 7 yr old son from a previous marriage and honestly, never got my period so I was pretty freaked out when I found out i pg then. Anyway... blood tests are done for me he has done his anaylsis, we go to the urologist tomorrow for him to make sure he is ok. My doc put me on Prometrium for 10 days to bring on a period. I had my vaginal ultrasound and there are a lot of little cysts. The next step is the HSG and I dont know what to expect. My doc actually said I could get pregnant after they check for blockages. Has anyone heard of this happening. I have just turned 37 my doc told me after the HSG it looks like she will start on Clomid with Metaphorin (dont know if I spelled that correctly) Just looking for advice.


patty - February 8

yeah---i was also just diagnosid with pcos and doing all that fertility process thing. i too have to go for an hsg-but first they want me to do the day 3 cycle tests-i am surprised they didnt recomend that also. anyway i hear the hsg hurts for like 10 minutes that it is bit uncomfortable for a few days after but no big deal--i hear---after all -it is just an exam-not an operation ! do your cysts ever hurt ?


Mega - February 8

Not to scare you, but to prepare you both, the HSG is crampy & and can be quite painful. But for me, as Patty said, it only hurt for 10-15 minutes or so & I was fine to go back to work the rest of the day. I had unblocked tubes though so it was less painful for me than for ladies with blockages. Also definitely take 3 or 4 advil about an hour before hand, it'll help somewhat to take the edge off. However, the info you get is invaluable & Robyn, there are lots of success stories out there of women with clear tubes getting pregnant within the next 3 cycles, a theory is that it helps clear out the "cobwebs." Or something like that! I had mine done in July & I'm still waiting for my success story. But anyway, just be prepared, & you'll be fine. Definitely get the HSG, it's worth doing & the pain will go away quickly. Good luck! Keep us posted.


Robyn - February 9

Patty, In regards to your question about my cysts hurting ever. It finally makes sense I had a kidney removed when I was a baby I had been born with 3 and one didnt function properly so it was removed. But, I have complainted of lower left pain pretty much my entire life. All my drs contributed this pain to my kindey problem well... now with all the testing thats been done and most of the larger cysts are on my life side which finally explains all the tremendous amount of pain i have been in on/off for a very long time. Do you guys know if they can kinda "put you out" for this this procedure. I have been so many meds for so many years that I have built up a tolerance. I have been trying to stay off all meds. My FI and I went to the urologist today so the doc read his analysis he said hes fine but still wants 2 more analysis from him to show consistency. So after the HSG it will be on to the fertilty specialist. Just wanna do you guys want to keep in touch through our processes? Take care


pj - February 9

Hi I just read the thread. I also was recently diagnosed with PCOS, as per the ultrasound. The doc wants to do a few blood tests to confirm. But what is "hsg" and how is pcod related to blocked tubes... i apologise if I sound ignorant


Robyn - February 9

PJ, a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is when they inject dye into your ovaries to see if there are any blockages. This is a pretty common test with pcos. My gyn actually told me after i take this test a lot of women actually get pregnant. which is pretty consistent with what Mega wrote in her post. I have already had all my blood work done and now per my gyn she had me take a 10 dosage of Prometrium to bring on my period so i can have this test. I dont know if any of you have tried Prometrium... I have a lot of mood swings and some mild depression that with only 200mg 1 time a day. It makes you pretty tired. But I am not taking it every month. So I dont know if the minor side effects go away.


Kerri - February 9

Keep hope Ladies....it will happen! I found out I had PCOS in July, dh had low sperm count too, had HSG done in July (no blockage---I only felt crampy for 10-15 min, but I did take advil 1.5 hours before test) I tried Clomid, but it didn't help to ovulate on time---I ovulated day 31 of my August cycle and we got pregnant NATURALLY---I also began taking Metformin 1dpo....so I'm a believer Ladies...Tomorrow I will be 24 weeks! Baby dust to everyone!!!


Mega - February 9

Congrats! Kerri, that's wonderful. Is this is your 1st child? Robyn--I've heard Prometrium is pretty hard with regards to s/e, maybe next time (hopefully there won't have to be a next time) your dr can prescribe Provera, which is just synthetic progesterone. It's supposed to cause few s/e than Prometrium, however I usually end up breaking out in a rash when I use Provera. But it still might be an option for you. Good luck with the HSG whenever you have that. :) And when you start Metformin, it helps to take it with meals. Expect gastro symptoms for a few weeks. Not fun but they go away for most people.


Robyn - February 10

I was on Provera about 8 years ago my previous gyn who now retired would prescribe it to me when i wasnt getting my period. But my new gyn placed me on Prometrium just for a cycle or two to bring on my period so i can get my HSG. We have an appt on the 18th of Feb. with an IVF Institute that came highly recommended in our area from doctors as well as people who have succeeded. I wanted to know if any of you have doubts about doing this again if you already had children. I am excited to start this journey but think oh my god my life is much more simple my son is pretty self sufficient, diapers and waking up all over again. I will have a wonderful husband who is beyond eccastic about having his own baby. He has been absolutely wonderful with my son. Which was a major deciding factor for me when we decided to try ttc. Anything I have asked of him he has been 100% lets go for it. Ok.. I say I just want u to understand that their might be twins he tells me whatever it is we will be fine. Just curious on anyones thoughts. Good luck to all


Robyn - February 10

Keri, Congrats to you do you know if its a boy or a girl yet??


me - February 10

Try not to worry. It was only a bit painful for me for a bout 30 seconds or so and my tubes were clear. You do not need to be put out for the procedure. I had more anxiety just waiting for the stupid test because I heard so many things on this board. It is not that bad. Just try to relax beforehand and it will go quickly. I also have PCOS but conceived naturally after my HSG during the same cycle. It will be worht knowing everything is in good working order, so if you decide to do clomid or something, it will increase the chances of it taking. Good luck!


Robyn - February 10

Me: Thanks for the reassurance


ROBYN - May 31

Rhonda I wasnt sure if you meant May 24 or June 24th here is the date for Jun. I hope this helps some. Sunday, July 09, 2006.


slowpoke01 - June 1

the hsg dye test was really painful i sptted for 2 days and cramped all that day and the next you may want to take tylenol or something before you go i had to drive myself home so you may want to have someone go with you because it hurt really bad actually the 2 techs made a bet before the radiologist did the test whether i was gonna pass out or not they said they had had people pass out on the table before i didnt thank god but it was painful i am not going to lie but that may have been because the girl told me they didnt do many of them after they started it but luckily my tubes werent blo ked so that did make me feel better you lay on a table and they put a speculum in like a pap smear and then they run a small catherder thing in which doesnt hurt then they put the dye in that really hurts that is the worst part then once the dye is in they will ask you to turn certain ways so that they can take xrays of all of it they may give you anibiotics afterward but mine didnt he said it was up to the dr some do some dont


ROBYN - July 19

Hey girls, just checking in. I know several of you have exchanged pics on here. My photography has a myspace account and is posting some of our wedding pics so if you are interested in seeing me my DH and son here is her site: (http://www.myspace.com/94075351) with out the parentheses. The top row pics 3 and 4 are Jason and I. 2nd row the 2nd pic is me and my dad and the 3rd row 2nd pic is me, jason and Anthony. Check in later xoxoxox



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