PCOS & 1st ob/gyn visit
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Harley - November 26

Kerri that is wonderful news about your u/s! Welcome Sheena. I found out about pcos after my DH and I went to see our Doctor after 14 months ttc. I had a vag u/s which picked up that I had enlarged ovaries which the Doc put down to pcos so she took some blood to test if I was o'ing, which thankfully I was. The only symptoms I have are irregular cycles, bad period pain and I am overweight. No further testing was done as we fell pregnant naturally the month after. I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.


Harley - December 12

Hello everyone. I had my appointment today. This is the 1st time I have seen this Doc, and thankfully he was very nice and helpful. He seems to think the PCOS diagnosis was wrong & that my problem is that I am not o'ing every month like I should. I am having blood work done next week on cd26 to confirm if I have o'd for the month and he will also check the blood for pcos just to be safe. I will have the results a couple of days later and based on them he will decide whether to put me on Clomid. One good thing is that he doesn't think my weight is playing any part in my problems unlike all the other Doctors. It seems their solution to everything is weight loss. He also said WHEN (not if) we get pregnant he will monitor the pregnancy regularly right from the time we get our bfp and he said we should have a 98% chance of carrying to term. I feel so much better after seeing him. I would also like to take this opportunity again to thank you all for your help and support.


bump - December 12



Lynn - December 13

Kerri.....how has your pregnancy been going? I went to new ob last week adn he said there is so much debate over metformin/glucophage during pregnancy since it is classed as a type B drug. I told him what Re wanted to do and he said he would go for first 12 weeks and then absolutely not after. Let me know what is going on with you so I can have info...
Harley...I do not know how old you are but do not waste too much time on clomid. If no pregnancy in 1st 3 tries...move on. I wasted over a year with that drug.


Harley - December 13

Hi Lynn, December marks the 2 year ttc anniversary for us, I am 25 (26 in Feb) but my husband is 32 so i do feel that time is an important issue as we are still trying for our 1st and if God will grant us the pleasure we would like 3 children. Can you please tell me a bit more about your Clomid experience, did you have sucess using a different method? Thankyou


Kerri - December 14

Hi Ladies....still on the Metformin...and still doing well with pregnancy. I go to the doctor in one week and we'll get to find out who this precious babe inside me is....a little girl or little boy!!! At this appoinment they will also assess where the placenta is located and take some measurements of the baby.....I'm seeing a neonatologist(sp?) so my prayer is that he has good insight on whether to remain on the Metformin or discontinue it. Lynn, it's funny that your doctor said absolutely not after 12 weeks---b/c the first 12 weeks are when the baby is doing the most important growing and that's the most dangerous weeks to take any drug....if you're on it for the whole 12 weeks, then technically the baby has already fromed a lot of it's organs and systems so staying on it longer tends to benefit Mom...like significantly reduce gestational diabetes and help the baby not be too large. I'll keep you informed after next week. ***Baby dust to everyone****



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