PCOS & 1st ob/gyn visit
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Harley - November 17

I was diagnosed with PCOS in Feb after having trouble conceiving. We have our 1st visit with the ob in a couple of weeks and I am rather anxious about it. We had a mc in June after falling pregnant naturally.I know that our struggle is nothing compared to alot of other people but this year has been filled with constant bad news for us and I am not sure how much more we can take. Can anyone please let me know what sort of things to expect, what sort of tests, treatment etc. Thankyou in advance.


Mega - November 17

Hi Harley. Good luck with your OB visit. I'm so glad you're getting help now. I too have PCOS, dx in April. I started seeing a RE in July after we discovered my DH has morphology issues as well. As for what to expect with your first OB visit, I'd imagine the Dr will discuss Clomid. It's basically a first line fertility drug, effective for some PCOS women but not all. It's a good starting point to. If you're not already on it, Metformin might be an option too esp. if you have low blood sugar. Also Met has been shown to reduce the rate of m/c in PCOS women as well, so it might be worth discussing. I imagine since you were dx in Feb, the OB probably already ran b/w on you. The dr may also want to do a vaginal u/s to check your ovaries/some do, some don't. Hang in there. I'm so sorry about your m/c. Keep us posted on how your appt. goes. Good luck!


Harley - November 17

Thank you so much Mega, that has made me feel a bit less anxious. I had an u/s done back in Feb but due to me falling pregnant in the March nothing else was explained at all and it was kind of forgotten. The only Doctor who showed the slightest bit of interest in me was the ob that saw me in emergency when I m/c'd. He asked about my history and said if I wasn't pregnant in 6 months we were to go back and see him & he would give me some pills, that was it. I wasn't really in the question asking frame of mind at that time to push for more information.I have since found out that he was only a visiting Doctor from another city 6 hours away! My DH has low motility as well which can't help things any. Have you had any good news since you were diagnosed?


Mega - November 17

You're welcome. I know this is all very stressful. That's terrible that you never got more support/advice from your dr upon being diagnosed. And again I'm so sorry about the m/c, of course you weren't up to asking questions at that time. I'd suggest taking a notebook with you to your dr's appt., write down any & all questions you can think of. Sitting on that exam table it's hard to think of what to ask. In light of your DH's motility issues, you might consider seeing a fertility specialist as soon as possible. I ended up doing that when we discovered my DH's morphology. IUI might be something to consider. It can be costly, but much less so than IVF and can definitely help with motility since the sperms have much less distance to cover on that journey to the egg. No, I'm still trying to conceive #1, but I'm confident I'm on the right track.


Christina - November 17

Harley did your OB tell you why you miss carried? Mine told me that in women how have PCOS they are typically insulin resistant. Because of that we are overweight and we have high insulin levels. A fetus cannot survive in these type of conditions. However, if you are not overweight it may be the fact that your body is just not producing enough hormone to support a pregnancy. Hince the long cycles and so forth. I am overweight and had high insulin levels but got those down by exercising on a regular basis. I hope all goes well with your OB Visit. For more help and information on it please visit http://www.pcosupport.org/


Kerri - November 17

Hi Harley ,so sorry about the loss in June. I was dx with PCOS in July and my dh with low sperm count. We tried a round of Clomid in August, but MY body didn't respond...I did finally O on cd 30 of that same cycle where the Clomid didn't work...then I began taking Metformin the day after ovulation b/c of high testosterone and some insulin resistance(I didn't consider myself overweight, just "average"..5foot 5 inches and 150 lbs, size 10/12) but we got preganant on our own, just like you....except now I'm on 1000mg of Metformin. I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and go to the doctor next week to see if I remain on the Metformin....do you mind me asking how far along you were when the m/c occurred? I'm sure that your doctor will point you in the right direction...good luck Sweetie!


Harley - November 18

Thank you guys! The ob said our baby looked to be fine so he thinks it was just attatched in the wrong place. I am not sure about my insulin levels but I am overweight. I have been trying so hard too lose it and have been doing weights and cardio exercise every 2nd night for the last 7 weeks but I have only lost 3 lbs. Kerri, I really don't want to scare or upset you but I was 13 weeks when we mc'd. The good thing is you sound like you have a good support system of Doctors, my Doctor didn't want anything to do with me after I got a positive pregnancy test, they just send you to a midwife who won't see you till at least 12 or 13 weeks and then they will finally refer you to an ob. Without the referal you can't see the ob. That's the good old Australian medical system for you! I tell you if I get pregnant again I will be an awfully abrupt patient, I'm starting to think you need to in order to get any results down here. Thank you all for the support and thanks for the link Christina


bump - November 21



in Nc - November 22

Harley...I was diagnosed in 2000 with PCOS. I will say my ob never really did anything seeing I got pregnant in June of 2004 but MC in July of 2004. I was sent to RE and basically did 6+ rounds of clomid with no luck. Changed to follistim and got pregnant 1st try but...turned out to be an ectopic and had emergency surgery in Sept. After all of that and not feeling like the RE had any concern for me, I changed RE's and now we wait for healing and attempt this again. In process of healing, new RE put me on glucophage (name brand for metformin) and I have been taking 1000mg 2x day since October. I can tell I am ovulating on my own now and it seems to be doing it job. He said there is lots of research on this diabetic drug helping PCOS patients. Kerri...glad to hear someone has gotten pregnant on this. Are you still taking metformin? I was told I would take it through 1st trimester if I got pregnant but read it was a type B drug not approved so need to ask about that. Good luck to you Harley....


Harley - November 22

in Nc, thankyou and good luck to you as well :-)


sas - November 22

Hi all. Harley I am in the excat same situation as you. Couldn't get pregnant after 8 months of ttc so started going for blood tests and scans but got pregnant whilst waiting for the results. So when they said I had pcos, it wasn't too much of a worry because we were pregnant. But in Oct this year at 12 weeks we M/C. I now have my first Infertility appointment tomorrow. I am still very down about my mc this ttc is sooooooo stressful. I just want to be pregnant again. Let me know how you get on. Good Luck


Kerri - November 22

Hi in NC....I hope that things are successful with your new RE. I will 13 weeks on Friday....I've been on 1000mg of Metformin since week 3 of the pregnancy....no nasty side effects, so far I'm a believer in it! I go back to the doctor tomorrow--I had 2 u/s, one at 6 weeks and one at 8.5. Everything seems fine, but m/c is always at the VERY back of my mind. I'm feeling great right now, which is why I'm excited to go and hear the heartbeat tomorrow just to make sure all is well. ****~~BABY DUST TO EVERYONE~~***


in NC - November 22

Kerri...I am glad to hear your still on the drug and have no ill effects. I did not have any sickness or anything while moving up to my full dosage. I did 500mg 1x day for 3 days, then 1000mg 1x day for 3 days and etc until I did 2000mg a day. It was a slow process and I have done well. Yesterday I started AF on my own for the first time off of the pill and no fertility drugs so I am excited about that. Harley..keep us posted on your visit. Hope everyone here has luck. ~~baby dust~~~


Harley - November 24

Thanks everyone, af arrived today and I can't get in to see the ob any earlier so even if he puts me on metformin and clomid I guess I won't be able to start till early January. Staying positive though. I will keep you all posted.


Kerri - November 24

Pregnancy still going well....heartbeat nice and strong at 166 bpm. My OB referred me to a neonatal specialist within is group for an ultrasound at 16.5 weeks with the specific question of shoul I continue with the Metformin, or not. I will continue taking the 1000mg of Metformin thru week 16 for sure and then we'll see. I've been doing lots of praying! I'm glad to hear that AF has started on your own for some of you and hopefully you will be getting that BFP close to Christmas!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving


sheena - November 25

I have often wondered if i have this pcos but i do not have the money to be tested.What are the symptoms?How do they test you?Good luck!!


Harley - November 26

Kerri that is wonderful news about your u/s! Welcome Sheena. I found out about pcos after my DH and I went to see our Doctor after 14 months ttc. I had a vag u/s which picked up that I had enlarged ovaries which the Doc put down to pcos so she took some blood to test if I was o'ing, which thankfully I was. The only symptoms I have are irregular cycles, bad period pain and I am overweight. No further testing was done as we fell pregnant naturally the month after. I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.



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