PCOS - what does this mean for me??????
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KellyN - July 21

Hello. I just found out that I have tiny cists on (in?) my ovaries. My gyno says I can still concieve with this condition, but he has started me on clomid and some sort of diabetes med. He is also planning on doing insemination of dh's sperm next week. Is this standard procedure?? Am I in so much trouble that I need insemination? -kelly


D. - July 21

PCOS comes in varying degrees of severity. Sounds like your doc is being pretty proactive. It really is a reasonable protocol. I'm sure others here will tell you what their experiences are like. The majority of ladies with PCOS are insulin resistant so therefore the metformin (or variation of met). And the clomid will help with the FSH and LH levels to make those eggies fatten up and pop.

Good luck!


Khristy - July 21

Hi Kelly,
I have pcos and like you I was very confused when my doctor dx me back in February. My symptoms were always having irregular cycles and I did not ovulate. I am also type 2 diabetic now because for years I didn't know what was wrong with me . Sounds like you have a good doctor and knows what he is doing . I am on Metformin and clomid also. Here is a link that can tell you more about pcos. http://soulcysters.com


KellyN - July 21

Thanks for the responses D and Khristy! It really helps that to know that others are going through this similar thing. Its just such a shock. I've heard of pcos, but I guess I though this was something that happened to other people. I'm not over weight (much), I have regular af (exactly 28 days), and I don't have any other symptoms either. I really like my gyno and think he knows a lot about fertility. He has a family practice and his wife and at least one of his daughters work with him, so I have a good feeling of family when I go there. But he has a pretty strong accent, and he always has to write things down for me to read rather than explaining them, so there is some communication issues. I have to get dye injected and have an x-ray on Monday next week. I wonder what the side effects of that might be? They told me to have only protected sex before the procedure, meaning it may be harmful to a fetus. Does this dye linger around? Could it harm a pregnancy if I get preg right after the procedure? Maybe this is a s/e of the clomid making me so paranoid... ;o) Thanks again! -kelly


D. - July 21


That procedure is called an HSG. If you can, take about 800 mg of Ibuprofen about 1 hour before because it can get a little uncomfortable. It only lasts a few seconds but some of us were glad to have the ibuprofen. Also, take a pad. It can be messy. It won't do anything to your cycle unless you stress, which can cause you to ovulate either early or late sometimes. The good news is that after an HSG, the tubes are so slicked up that an increase in pregnancies is often see for about three cycles after. Didnt' work for me, but I'm an old goat.



KellyN - July 21

Hey thanks D! I must say I love this web site. I feel so much better about everything now! Bring on the HSG!!! BTW, I'm pretty old myself (36). Dh is 43, and we are trying for our first. The last year of ttc has been an amazing journey learning about my body and all that happens to make a baby! Thanks again!!! -kelly



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