PCOS!! Evening primrose oil???
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eclipsespyder26 - December 5

I have been reading online about symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and I have all the symptoms... So I have been wondering if anyone has had this and taken evening primrose oil to help regulate your periods and help with getting pregnant?


star_4_baby - December 6

Hi i would like to say that EPO is good if you are trying for baby but check dr to give you exect info also get yourself examined so dr can priscribe you the meds....if not treated this could become dangerous...if you are ttc than chances of miscarrige is higher in PCOS....good luck


Theresa - December 11

My doctor put me on metformin (glucophage) it is supposed to lower your testorone and regulate your cycles so you can get preg. i also have to take clomid.



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