pcos 150 clomid late ovulation metformin 1500 experment!
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Needles! - September 29

OK, maybe nobody will read this or maybe I will get a few responses!! Here I go...after reading alot of goodstuff about accupuncture and pcos (and hearing several successful pg stories)I am dropping all meds except metformin. As of today I had my first accupunture appointmen, and was told that " yep, we'll get you pregnant!" Also I saw page after page of successful patients ranging from ages 32-48, all got pg. I have found a great accupuncturist, she used to be head of a leading shanghi obg clininc, but due to her english she could not get her medical lisense. We are working together with herbs and accupunture to balance my system. I have complete faith in this and am going to give it 3 months to see how my ovulation and cycles respond. I will re evaluate everything at that time. If anyone is interested I will keep them posted. Wish me luck! Baby dust to all.......


Mega - September 29

Good luck! I've heard lots of great success stories with accupuncture too. Definitely keep us posted. Lots of baby dust!!!


CC - September 29

Yes, keep us posted! I agree with Mega, I have heard all good things about using accupuncture...Good luck!


h - September 29

gud luck


needles - September 29

Thanks for your support I have a great feeling about this!



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