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JENZEY - February 26

My doctor told me he thinks I have PCOS since I only get my period every 4-7 months (It's been that way my entire life) I had all the blood work done & ultrasounds(all normal). I don't have any of the physical signs of PCOS. My doctor seems to think I have a mild case of it. Has anyone else been told they have a mild case? I would love to hear from anyone with PCOS.


ROBYN - February 26

Hi, I was also recently diagonsed with PCOS I have the same issues my whole life also. I had an HSG on Monday and a vaginal ultrasound.a couple of weeks ago. My doctor had to bring on my period with Prometrium just so I could takes these tests with my new RE. They found small cysts around my ovaries with vaginal ultrasound and also my HSG tests showed tubes were clear with some narrowing on the left side but nothing serious.. My blood work shows consistency with PCOS and I have another round of blood work ordered from my RE this Thurs to determine insulin levels. I also have no symptoms except for a missed period occasionally. It gets pretty frustrating especially if youre ttc. Are you TTC?


JENZEY - February 26

Yes, I'm TTC (2 1/2 yrs.) I just went to a fertility doctor about 1 month ago (I finally realized it's not going to happen naturally) My doctor told me since my cycles are so irregular that I'm not ovulating. I took provera do bring on my period & started Clomid 50 mg. (I'm on day 4). I go back to the dr. next Friday for an ultrasound. I might have to have my tubes tested also. How was that experience? I heard it is uncomfortable.


ROBYN - February 26

Hi, honestly I had more anxiety about going to the test. For me there was really no pain. The most uncomfortable part was injecting the dye it burned. But my RE insisted he do the procedure. He told me that a lot of times the radiologists do not do it correctly and do not actually get what the doctors are actually looking for. So maybe that is why mine did not bother me because my RE did the procedure and was able to explain everything right there at the xray. Which was pretty cool. If you have issues or fear about pain my RE did prescribe me a couple of pain killers.


andalvy - February 26

I was diagnosed with PCOS 9-05. I also have a mild case. I actually had regular periods but did not ovulate. I do have some of the other symptoms, such as skin tags, fatigue, etc. My Dr. put me on metformin and everything has changed for me. I feel much better, although the first couple of months were like doing puberty again! mood swings acne achy bbs. But now things are better. My hormones are settling into a more normal pattern and best of all much less PMS!



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