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NEWBIE - June 4

HI I am new here can someone tell me what PCOS is??? Thanks!


stacey - June 4

polycystic ovary syndrome


Annie - June 4

It is when you have cysts on your ovaries. Symptoms are: irregular or absence of periods, increased acne, facial hair, and problems ovulating. Usually people with PCOS are overweight. (stands for poly cystic ovarian syndrome)


NEWBIE - June 4

Thanks Stacey and Annie..it is nice to find sweet and caring people a lot of times I have posted on here and gotten nasty responses!!


Annie - June 4

Anytime...I have PCOS so the more people know about it the better....lol


Drew - June 4

Newbie, do you also have pcos? Its funny cause I never heard of it either till I found out I have it! lol


Allison - June 5

I also have PCOS, and endometriosis. I had surgery last week to remove the cysts and then the Dr. found the endo. My husband and i have been trying for three years now. Dr. is putting me on clomid to help me ovulate. How about you?


NEWBIE - June 5

I don't know if I have PCOS...in the past I had a ruptured cyst that caused a lot of bleeding and pain..the drs actually thought I had appendicitis and had me ready for surgery until a new intern said can we check her for cysts please and sure enough he was right...so for the next 8 years I was on the pill...but now I am married and ttc, and nothing is happening and I read a lot on here about PCOS...maybe if I still have trouble in a few months I might mention it to my Dr.,.....thanks for all of the info on here I really appreciate it!!!! BABY DUST!!



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