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Nikki12384 - January 29

I was diagnosed WIth PCOS.. So if you have this then you know that sometimes you don't have your period of long periods of time.. so my question is can u get pregnant during this time of your absent period?? i mean just because you don't menstruate doesn't always mean you don't ovulate right??? I hope some one out there hasn an answer for me


tanner789 - January 29

can you tell me how you were diagnosed with pcos, i cant get a straight answer if i have it or not, i had bw done which should have included checking all those levels, but they are telling me while monitoring me through u/s that my ovaries show typical pcos signs. what were you exp that they decided it was form pcos. i went off bc pills in dec 05 and july of 06 my periods completely stopped and so did ovulation. and to answer your question your only get preggers if you ovulate, and if you were ovualitng im almost positive you would get a period unless you became preggers, its only that you can ovulate and then not get a period by some freak chance. but i wouldnt give up having sex during this time of absent periods b/c god works in mysterious ways and you never know when the next time you'lll ovulate


Nikki12384 - January 30

Tanner789... My DR tested my hormone levels and my insulin levels and ordered an internal ultrasound and they found Follicles on my overies.. and my insulin levels were very high.. She also told me that PCOS is goes undiagnosises if ur dr is not looking for it because they asume it is other things rather than the PCOS.... I understand that if u don't ovulate you can't get preg.. Sometimes i think i do ovulate cause i can feel it and at first i thought it was a cyst but when i contacted my DR she said that what i was exsperinceing was ovulation, that some women were "fortunate" enough to feel it... Not plesant.. I don't feel it every month thanks god, but once in awhile and thats how i use to know my period was coming and now i will get the 2 sec shard pressure, but no period so i have no idea.....I just want to be normal


KeiraYvette - January 30

tanner789- your diagnosed with pcos if your hormone levels aren't right, an internal ultrasound shows cysts and your insulin levels aren't right.. this was how i was diagnosed, a combination of them all.. but i did have to change drs in the process as the male dr i was going to had no idea...
Nikki if you ovulate you will have a period... with pcos the egg starts growing in the ovaries, but due to the hormone definacy it stops growing and turns into a cyst... it is meant to keep growing and be released (ovulating) and then you will get your period... My dr advised me the pains I feel in that area or any spotting I might have are cysts bursting or disintergrating...
I myself have PCOS... i didnt have periods for 8 months but felt strange feelings where my ovaries are, and have had some spotting and also extremem pain in the area of the ovaries (alot of the time it felt like a period coming on))... which dr said were cysts bursting... I went on Metformin, took 4 months before i started working but I finally got a period this month...



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