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pm1307 - May 31

Hi everyone, well im 23 years old and i just recently in the past 7 months decided to try. today my doctor said if my blood test comes back negative for all the stuff she tested me for(including pregnancy test) then she is going to start me on provera for a couple of cycles and the metformin to have me ovulate and maybe she said we'll get lucky and get PG. I have pcos so i need help to ovulate since i dont and i rearely get my AF. Has anyone been on these medications and gotten PG, Please share. Thanks


Lynn - May 31

I have been taking metformin since October 2005. We are seeing a RE and still trying. I have not had to take provera to induce periods. Since being on metformin, I have had regular 28 day cycles. Today is 28 and so far no AF. I'll let you know if this was finally the month. Trying to hold off until Friday if possible.


pm1307 - June 1

Lynn- I hope this is the month for you!!!! Was there any side effects for metformin?



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