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jane - December 14

Hi, My doc said i have pcos. He just said it seeing my past history.. i wanted to know if anyone had a special test to be diagnosed with this? I read in many places that over weight people have this problem. I am little underweight, could I still have it? thanks


MuzikGurl - December 14

yes anyone can have it...being over weight is a major sign of PCOS if not also cause you to be over weight. You can still have PCOS just because you are underweight... as for the "special testing" for PCOS...The only way I found out that I have it is I went in because I wasn't having my periods anymore (2 years without them) and the dr. ordered an ultra sound and transvaginal and when they got my results they found a cysts on my right ovary and they gave my metformin (I was/am overweight) and clomid but I just found out after switching drs. that my last dr. wasn't very smart. I found out I don't have any cysts on my left side ( he told me I had one on my right and then later on he changed it and said I had one on both sides)...but I still have one on my right side. I don't know what to say but I guess I should be happy about it...well anyways good luck!


Harley - December 14

Hi Jane, my doctor told me I had PCOS after a vag u/s but then yesterday when I went to see the ob/gyno he said I didn't. Apparently Polycystic ovaries have a different appearance about them which my u/s didn't show up but he is giving me a blood test next week because apparantly there is an imbalance in hormone levels in the blood which can confirm it. Hope this helps. Muzikgirl, do you mind me asking how long you have been on the clomid. Depending on the results from my blood test I may be put on it to increase ovulation. Thankyou


jcr - December 14

Hi Jane, I also was diagnosed with pcos about 2 years ago. I concieved my 26 month old daughter naturally. I am trying for #2. I had m/c in April (which was concieved naturally) No luck since then. I have been on metformin since April and have been getting periods every 35-50 days. I am not overweight, although I lost about 17 lbs on metformin. I am in the average I guess. My bloodwork has always come back normal and no cysts. They basically diagnosed me with it due to lack of periods and ovulation. It is a syndrom which means it reads like a menu-you may have a few of symptoms but not all. I am not sure it that helps or not. Good luck.


Jane - December 14

Thanks for the help guys... I dont have regular periods and I am not ovulating... I guess that why the doc said I have pcos. I have been on clomid for 8 months... Now I will be taking clomid, metformin and having an IUI this month... lets see how things work out.. good luck to you all...


MuzikGurl - December 14

Hi Harley, I took one round of clomid 100mgs. on days 5-9 but, after wards my old ob/gyn didn't even give me a 21 days cycle or anything even when i asked him about it or insisted to see if it helped or if I ovulated or anything...and he told me it wasn't neccessary..!!!!...major red flag went up so I switched drs. and haven't had any meds. since sept. new dr. sent me in for another u/s and vag u/s and now I'm waiting for my next appt. in january 2006. meanwhile I'm supossed to keep charting as accurately as possible and try this new low carb diet and try to lose some weight (we know I need it...)...



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