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LUC - October 8

what is PCOS, and how do you know if you have it? would your doctor be able to know with a normal check-up? i had an unplanned pregnancy about 7 years ago. is it something you always have had or something you get later? i am on day 23 with no ovulation with a 34 day cycle last month. i'm been off bcp since april 05. and are trying so hard to concieve. i'm getting worried...


in NC - October 9

LUC - PCOS is basically larger ovaries with tiny cysts within them. My ob/gyn took some history on me back in 2000 and annouced I had PCOS. I have since moved on to a fertility center and recently had an ectopic pregnancy whcih was removed via a lap surgery. He confirmed during the surgery I had that and has begun treatment. We have been TTC #1 since March 2003. I miscarried July 2004 and moved onto injections August 2005 which ended in an ectopic pregnancy. My understanding is people who have PCOS have a higher rate of miscarriages. Have you been to your doctor? It is said if you are under 35 and have not conceived within a year, you should consult your physician. If you are over 35 and have tried for 6 months, you should consult your doctor. I have done plenty of cycles of clomid (10 months) with absolutely no luck. When I got pregnant in 2004, it was totally unassisted (we took a 4 month break due to selling home) but ended in m/c. My pregnancy in August 2005, was using follistim (an injection) whcih ended in my ectopic pregnancy. We are now taking a break until Jan 2006. My doctor recently put me back on the pill for 8 weeks with also taking glucophage (diabetic drug) known for helping regulate nad aid in ovulation for people who are diagnosed with PCOS. Sorry for long entry but if my story helps a little, it was worth typing. Good Luck to you...


stevie - October 10

i was diagnosed with PCOS in Feb., but suspect that i have had it my whole life. I started my period very young (age 10) but it has always been very irregular. i spent nearly 10yrs. on the pill which conceiled the problem but didn't solve anything. i stopped the pill in July 2004 to start ttc. the past year has been hell! no periods, or just spotting... ultrasounds, 3 mos. of Glucophage (which made me sick), feeling helpless and confused... and now on my first round of Clomid. i'm trying to stay positive but it is very hard after so much dissappointment. as for the PCOS though, i know that it has something to do with a hormone imbalance (mine are all out of wack!), enlarged ovaries with an excess of cysts. symptoms are usually: irregular, painful or lack of periods, acne, even excess facial hair! i've read that 90% of women with it are overweight and many times losing weight helps achieve pregnancy. I, however, am very thin and am still not preg! i hope this info helps. i know for me it is helpful to hear other people's stories...


chicks - October 10

OMG Stevie.. We are exactly the same person.. I just thought I'd tell you that.. I was reading your post and I can say that we are EXACTLY the same.. You can read up on me if you want, I started the posting "clearblue easy sucks"... Maybe you're just the person that I'm looking to talk to! How's it going with the Clomid? LUC, sorry to hear that, unfortunately, those of us with PCOS have the same questions that you do.. We all have to be here for one another to vent our frustrations. I would love to able to give you an answer to help your situation, but unfortunately, I too am looking for the same answers. If you suspect that you have PCOS, go to your doctor and get them to refer you to an GYN.. That way, at least you can be tested and put your mind at ease that something's getting done about it.. Good luck!


in NC - October 10

stevie - need a question answered if you can. I recently began taking glucophage. Actually, I am only 2 days into it. No ill effects yet. How sick did it make you? I did many cycles of clomid with no luck. Somewhere I read of you have PCOS, you should not waste too much time with that drug. My fertility doctor actually took me off of it because a side effect is drying up cervical mucus (which we all know is extremely important). If you do not mind, how old are you?



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