PCOD and Clomid
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madkins - March 2

My husband and I have been off of bcp and ttc for 5 months. I have had trouble with my periods being very irregular. My dr. recently gave me provera to start a period and then told me to take 50mg of Clomid on days 1-5. In all of my research, I have not found anyone else taking it on 1-5. I am also concerned about Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD). Is it possible for me to have had this disorder and it not be found by my dr. for several years? Any information you can give would be helpful.


KeiraYvette - March 2

madkins the dr i had for years never picked up on me having pcos wasn't until i found another dr and saw a female gyno that i got my answers... if u think u have it try another dr


linds99 - March 2

It is very possible, especially if you haven't had direct testing for this syndrome. I never got a diagnosis until I tried conceiving and couldn't, all my blood levels, including LH are totally normal and within range and I am thin. The only way they knew I had this damn thing was when they saw all the eggs sitting on my ovaries, that weren't being released. If you are concerned, it is totally reasonable to ask for a transvaginal ultrasound to look at the ovaries and see if there are too many follies growing and not releasing, and ask for blood tests.


Daniela - March 2

Good Afternoon madkins.... I am new here as well. I hope you don't mind me responding.... I hope it helps... and I've got a couple of questions myself....
I too have PCOS... I was dx with it.... 8 months ago....
dh and I have been ttc for over a year....
I have had PCOS for years but, was on bcp and therefore never knew that I had it....
I have never heard of Clomid on cd1-5 but, it doesn't mean its wrong.... you should talk to your dr.
I am on cd 83 waiting for af to show up. Dr finally gave me provera 10mg to start ... just wondering if I can just start it whenever???? and once its done.... when should af start??? A little nervous but really excited.... cause as soon as af finally starts... I start my first round of clomid 50mg cd 5-9....


madkins - March 2

Daniela, if your dr. gave your provera i would start it asap. the dr. told me that once you finish provera, you should start your period within 3-10 days.


madkins - March 2

KeiraYvette and linds99: thanks for responding. just wanted to clear up some of my info. i started seeing my previous dr when i started on bcp. when i started ttc, i switched to a different dr. i am supposed to go back to the dr for an ultrasound after my period starts. i have not been diagnosed with PCOD but after doing research, i think it may be a possibility. i have a lot of the symptoms. what kind of blood tests should i ask for?


KeiraYvette - March 4

Im not to sure what they actual call it, but it looks at your hormone levels.. maybe just mention to your doctor that you've been doing some reading and would like to be tested for pcos. It will show up on your ultrasound too if you have pcos, but they may wish to do an internal so they can clearly see it.


thayward7 - March 4

It is possible for your doctor not to have found PCOS for several years. That's what happened to me. I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago? (I think) Anyway, they sould do different hormone tests on different (specific) days of your cycle. Different cases of PCOS have different results (e.g. some women have elevated LH, some don't), so diagnosis involves a few things. Your ultrasound will likely show several small cysts (if it's PCOS). You may also ask for an insulin resistance test - this is common with PCOS and can be treated with Metformin. I will be having ovarian-drilling done next month - it is suppose to help regulate (temporarily) the hormones that are out of whack. There are lots of web-sites about PCOS. Symptoms vary from woman to woman, but some are pretty consistent. I hope it all works out for you! Good Luck. Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - March 4

P.S. I know that each day you are not pregnant is hard - I can relate! - but they say the average healthy woman, with no fertility problems can take 1 year to get pregnant... so dont' give up hope!!!


madkins - March 4

thayward7, thanks for all of your help. when you are growing up and thinking about having kids you never imagine having any problems and then no baby.
i am really glad that i found this place that i can vent and ask my questions. this is a very emotional time for all of us.


thayward7 - March 4

I know exactly what you mean madkins! It's nice to chat with people who are going through the same things you are - feeling the same things. Let me know how things work out! Smiles and Babydust... T



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