Pap Smear Today. Hurt My Chances For Pg?? Just Ovulated!
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sherry - November 8

i know it's kind of a strange question, but i just recently ovulated and bd, and i have a pap smear appt. for today, and iam worried that maybe the procedure itself, might "mess up", anything that may possibly be going on inside my body. what do you think??


to sherry - November 8

i dont think so but before going to doctor's office call them & ask them


~S - November 8

I am sure if you call the dr office and ask them they would know! I am sure plenty of women have asked the same question. Good luck!


sherry - November 9

i couldn't ask. dh was with me, and i froze up from nerves. i can be pretty shy. he did the pap, and now iam wondering if maybe i should bd tonight, since my surge was 2 nights ago, there still might be a chance, however i don't know if the lube they used for the exam, kills sperm, so i don't wanna tackle dh and pressure him for luvin, if i missed the train. at least whatever we did before this point, iam praying was not ruined by the exam. thanks, sherry


~S - November 9

Sorry Sherry that you froze! I am sure everything will be just fine!



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