Painting during tww; any opinions?
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Can - January 30

I am in that two week waiting time. I was monitoring my cm and we 'gave it a try' during those days I think I should've been ovulating. We are in the middle of remodeling our living room and it is time to paint before the floor is scheduled to be done. Does anyone know if it is okay to paint during those two weeks when you don't know if you could be expecting or not? I had a miscarriage three months ago and I don't want to take any chances however I really don't want to leave all the work to my husband and then see af in two weeks! Any advice? Is it okay to paint if we open windows and such?


Mega - January 30

As long as there is ample ventilation it shouldn't be a problem. I've read that even PG women can paint as long as there's a window open, etc. So I'd imagine the same would hold true for the 2 WW. Happy painting. & good luck, I hope you get a BFP at the end of your 2 WW. Sorry about your recent miscarriage. Anyway, HTH!


Can - January 30

Thanks Mega... I hate the not knowing period of time. I think we will be opening all windows even if we are freezing!


Mega - January 30

You're welcome! I know, the not knowing is the worst. You're afraid to take chances but you can't spend your 2 weeks in a bubble either. Hopefully the blast of fresh air won't be too cold for you!



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