Pains in abdomen--Could I be pregnant????
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Vanessa - February 14

I had an IUI on 2/5/06, and for the past couple of days I have had a very tender abdomen. Kind of like gas pains but they wont go away. What could this be? I also seem to have more sensitive nipples the last couple of days too...although my senses are super senstitive right now anyway just in anticipation, so I am also second guessing myself..."have my nipples always been like this and I am just now noticing?" I just hope I am not imagining things!! Any body else with the same problem?


Mega - February 15

Hi Vanessa. It is certainly possible that you are PG as implantation can occur anywhere from 5 DPO to 15 DPO or more. You're probably okay to start testing with a HPT on the 17th or so. Good luck! I know what you mean about 2nd guessing yourself when you're on fertility treatments, it's hard not to. Keep us posted. Your the one that has Ovarian Drilling scheduled for April, right? I hope you end up PG this cycle & can cancel it. :)



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