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Kristen - April 19

I am having pains in my stomach and I think it is from the clomid. Is this a good sign or a bad sign. I know it could be cysts but did anyone have these pains while taking clomid and in fact be pregnant. I just want to be pregnant so bad. I am on the second half of the month so I am pretty sure I have already ovulated. Let me know. Thanks


shan - April 19

These pains are normal. They are most likely ovulation pains. I have been on clomid for three cycles now and every time I have had ovulation pain.


Crystal - April 19

I had a real sharp pain in my left side of my stomach today. But I am on day 23. Do you think that may have been ovulation pains this late in the game?


shan - April 19

The first time I took clomid, I had pains for almost the entire month. My doctor said that this was normal. This month I had pains on cd 7-10 and cd 15-17. It may not have been ovulation pain but it is probably the clomid.


Samy - April 19

I have been on clomid for 4 months. I had pain in my back and stomach. discomfort in the breast, felt sick and had hot flashes. Pretty much all the side effects. But clomid did not work for me.


Dawn - April 19

I took chlomid on my first cycle and had really bad pains in my stomach at around the time of ovulation and for a few days after. I don't want to give you false hope as I know other women have experienced the same with no baby, but it worked for me and I now have a daughter (after trying for two years) and a son who was conceived without any help second time around. I hope the same happens to you. I too was so desperate for a baby, I couldn't believe the chlomid worked first time.



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