Painkillers and Conception
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Curious - November 9

I had back surgery a couple of years ago. My neurosurgeon has had me take Tramadol and Darvocet for pain for the past two years. Does anyone know if this can lessen your chances of fertility or pregnancy? He did say that I can still take them while we are trying.


Mega - November 9

From what I just read online (did a google search on Darvocet & pregnancy) it looks like even if you get pg while on Darvocet you likely shouldn't have a problem. However, definitely double check with your OB or RE about Darvocet while you're pregnant. As for while you're trying, that's stressful enough, I'd say you definitely don't need to snowball it with the stress of chronic back pain. Good luck. HTH!


Curious - November 9

Thanks! I did tried to do a couple searches this afternoon and didn't really come up with much. Yes, I think the stress of conceiving is caused more back pain than I already have!!!


Mega - November 9

Ouch! That's not good. It's amazing what stress can do to our bodies. Take care. And good luck!



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