painful intercourse
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mohini - May 31

hi! i'm 25 years old and married. me and my husband are trying for pregnancy. as i feel pain during intercourse, we were prescribed to use Xylocaine 2% Jelly. Now my question is will i become pregnant by using Xylocaine 2% jelly or any other lubricating jelly like ky kyelly? Please help!


milissa - May 31

Not sure.. you have to make sure that is won't kill the sperm! So read the back.


Cutie - May 31

Mohini, make sure Xylocaine wont kill or block the sperm. I know that KY Jelly can block the sperm. I am using Pre seed, it helps and does not kill sperm :)


Nancy - June 3

Many women need to use lubricant to get pregnant or have sex. I do not know specifically about this particular jelly, but usually lubricants should not kill sperm unless they contain nonoxlynol-9 which is a spermicide.


Kimberly-K - June 3

good question! I hadn't even though of it, but it's worth checking into. I've heard KY jelly might make it harder to get pregnant, but I would imagine it's still easy enough to get pregnant while using it, at least I hope so.


ryansbaby - June 10

i am only a month along and when my boyfriend and i have intercourse i feel a stabbing pain inside (kinda like i have cramps, but worse) what does it mean?



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