Pain on right side???
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:o) - December 2

my dh and i have been ttc for almost one year. my past af was only 1.5 days long (heavy day one, normal day two and then brown discharge to barely there day 3 and 4). i have taken a few hpt and they said neg. however i feel as though i have pg symptoms, bbs are sore, tired, dizzy... now I have a pain on my right side as though I was working out? what could it be??? i am not due for af until 12/11. i guess it could be ov, but i usually feel when i am ovulating... i don't feel that now, plus i have very water cm.


d - December 2

be careful because you might just have an ectopic pregnancy...definitely go to your dr soon.


:o) - December 2

I thought of that....would i have any other symptoms...such as feeling "sick". it is on my side, but more toward my back.


neha - December 2

r u having any brown discharge? my periods r sometimes like urs. i am not sure about the right side pain. it can be anything like cyst, fibroids not necessarily ectopic preg. in ectopic preg u will bleed heavily. when was ur period? do u think it was ovulation? don't be panic, call ur Dr & ask her to order blood test to confirm abo preg.


ck - December 2

maybe you should have it checked out you could have appendicitis ??


:o) - December 2

Thanks neha, my last period was 11/14, but that was the one that was 1.5 days and then i had brown discharge for the next two days. No brown discharge or blood since that day. my bbs have been sore and I have been dizzy on and off. The pain on my side (toward my back more) just started today, but it IS NOT unbearable. It feels as though I worked out or was sitting in a bad position (although I wasn't doing either one). My periods are usually pretty heavy for 4 days. It is possible it is ovulation since I should be ovulating now, but as I mentioned, I don't feel like I am ovulating. I can usually feel it. any suggestions? i am expecting AF 12/11. I may wait until then to see what happens.


:o) - December 2

ck, would i be running a fever with appendicitis?


Mega - December 2

Here's a good site on Ectopic pregnancies:
safe than sorry. Also, here's a link discussing symptoms of appendicitis.
Good luck. I hope it's neither of those. I hope you feel better.


Mega - December 2

Sorry, I just checked the first link, the one to the ectopic pregnancy site & it didn't work. Here's a link to the home page,, for symptoms just click on medical information & then "what are the symptoms." HTH! Keep us posted.


:o) - December 2

Mega: Thanks for the information.


:o) - December 2

Mega: I was actually reading the ectopic preg. website earlier. I don't really have enough symptoms for it to be ectopic. I also looked up the appendicitis... my pain is more of a cramping and more toward the back than the pics are showing....but that DID help. I feel a little better now. I'll see how the days progress.


neha - December 2

Hey i don't think it is ectopic pregnancy. don't worry dear. have u taken any medicines for the pain? does it stop after that. when i was pregnant last time (it was a miscarriage) my nurse thought it was an ectopic preg as i was continously bleeding & had sharp pains. when she checked it, it was not ectopic preg u can't even stand due to severe pain which don't subside even after medications. so i don't think that's the case with u. have a good sleep today i am sure u'll feel better. don't go on thinking too much about it, sometimes its just in our head.


Holly - December 3

Hi ladies... You don't have to have heavy bleeding nor do you have to have tons of pain for an eptopic PG..I personally know.. I could walk and stand..heck I even when on vacation..had no idea what so ever.. I was 5wks along when they found it and it was because I was bleeding ..I found out I was PG the week before.. Everyone is so different so please keep that in mind. You could also have a cyst as I get pain from them ..enough so that I end up in the hospital. But please go to the Dr to check out for an eptopic..they are serious..and like I said I could walk, be with dh, work, sit etc .. I did not have pain with it.. wishing you luck.. **Dust**


sandra - December 3

hi there. I had my son and had one period then my period was late. I did a PG test which was negative but I had some cramping an dsome light pink staining which lasted for a week or two. The PG test were all still negative so I didnt think I was pregnant. however, I collapsed whilst putting up our xmas tree and when I got to hospital they did and internal u/s and discovered I was pg and it was ectopic. They removed my right ovary and tube(which had ruptured) they had to remove the internal bleeiding( i nearly died). so any unusual pain should be investigated to rule out any problems. good luck x


Holly - December 3

Sandra..I am sorry to hear about your expereince.. I did not have any surgery for my eptopic.. they used methotrexate to abort as mine did not rupture..thank God. It is a scary sitaution and very sad at the same time..I look at it that it happend for a reason (as I look back in that time in my life it would not have worked) that lovely spirit that I would have had then hopefuly will visit me again.. we have been trying for 8yrs and have a wonderful 9yr old.. I am so thankful for her.. Things happen for a reason. **Dust**


amanda - December 5

hey ladies,,i was reading this post, and i seen that u ladies mentionied a ectopic pregancy? what is that? if u have time to answer this i would be greatful! thanks


to amanda - December 5

sometimes the egg gets fertilized in he fallopian tube & fails to travel to the uterus. it grows in the fallopian tube & has absolutely same symptoms as that of preg. in the uterus. some women have heavy bleeding & sharp pains, but for others its absolutely normal pregnancy unless it is detected thru sonogram. it is very dangerous to that women. sometimes the fallopian tube ruptures & requires to be removed which reduces the chances of conceiving. i hope this was helpful amamda.



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