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ruby - May 19

Hi ladies,

i have had my tooth taken out and am taking 8 pain killers a day, will this have any effect if i am TTC. Pls advise as rhis is my fertile wk, i was 2 embrassed to ask my dentist.
I really need advice, if i dont take the pain killers i am in agony.


For ruby...From KIM - May 19

I was in the same situation, i had my lower back go out and the doc gave me pain killers. She did however say that if i have any inkling that i am pregnant to stop taking them ASAP and call her. I dont think that it will effect your being fertile but i would just becareful on how many you take when it gets closer to the time you might be pregnant.


Melissa - May 19

Hi Ruby. Pain killers don't necessarily have an effect on your ability to conceive, but it does have a BIG effect in birth defects. You should have asked your dentist. I would call and let him know your situation. He may just say to wait until next time.


Ruby - May 20

Thanks ladies i am in my mid cycle this wk and hopefully if i miss my period nxt month i will know that i am preg for sure, i only have to take the pain killers if i get pain, as they gav some antibotics today and u an use them whilst being pregnant.


nancy - May 20

It's better that tell your dentist that you are TTC so she/he could give you pain reliever that will not harm your baby if ever you are pregnant. And consult your doctor before taking any medication if you are TTC, it's better to be safe than sorry.



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