Pain HCG injection
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Jane - January 5

I got the HCG injection last night. Its hurting me today and giving me problems to sleep on the side that I got it. Is this common? or was my dh a little harsh with the needle?


Ann - January 5

It is VERY common. Every time I've gotten the shot, I've been warned that it "will hurt more tomorrow!" Good luck.


Jane - January 5

Thanks Ann


isa - January 6

From what I recall (i've had them too) its not the shot that hurts its the ovulation. I had multiple eggs and died for several days one month in pain and almost my whole 2ww the next.Doc said to definatley expect more pain the more eggs you have.


JND - January 10

I was very sore for about a week, it will go away.'s not how dh gave the injection.



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