Pain/Cramping 1 Week after IUI -- Success or failure?
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Loren - May 12

I had an IUI for the first time on Friday 5/6. I am having some very sharp pains and cramps on the left side near where (I think) my ovary is. Is this normal? Any significance regarding success? I too would like to know if anyone has had success on their first IUI. Thanks and baby dust and good luck to all!


Jennifer - May 21

I had my first and hopefully only, IUI on the 16th of May. I have been having cramping on both sides. Not painful, just apparent. Wonder why. I pray i am pregnat. This is the longest time period.....waiting is the hardest part.


Aprilsmile - May 22

I had my first IUI on May 12th. I had cramping and a heavy feeling in the pelvic area around dy 4 to day 7. Like you I keep looking for a reason why and wonering if it meant something. Have to admit now at day 9, no other feelings and symptoms of anything. But I am praying, just like you guys!! Good Luck


Valerie - June 3

I had my first IUI on May 28th and also experienced cramping for about 4-5 days afterwards. Just starting to feel back to "normal" now. Maybe these will be good signs for all of us. Good luck!


Pagli - June 6

me too. i had my second IUI on May 27th and i have a pain on my left side and strechy feeling in the pelvic other symptoms! I wonder if it is a good sign.


Mags - June 12

I had an IUI on Friday, June 10 and the sharp pains started today, Sunday June 12th which is only 2 days post IUI. I'm wondering what this means???


teja - June 12

I had my first iui on june 1st and i am having cramping until today.i am going test on 16th of june.i wonder this is good sign.



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