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Lizelle - October 7

I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometrioses six months ago. I am 28 and ttc for 3 years.I had to get a Lupron shot for 3 months to try to stop the spreading of the endometrioses, then surgery to remove it and then 3 more shots and then the IVF.I just had a laparotomy a month ago. My doctor said it is the worst case of endometrioses he've seen. He had to remove one of my tubes. I did some research and found out about Ovulex. My question is: Can I get pregnant using Ovulex with only one tube(HSG Shown that it is somewhat open) and with the bad endometrioses I have?


lizelle - October 7

Does any one have some info even if it only a little? I'm feeling like I'm going insane. When do you give up? I want a baby so bad I don't know if I can wait months or years for the IVF any more? Does anyone feel so lost?


Rachael - October 7

I am sorry to hear about all of your problems. I am 28 and had level 4 endometriosis. I had a laparoscopy 2 yrs ago in Sept. I am sorry I do not know about all the drugs, but I can tell you about my experience. I did not have a tube removed but the doc said my right tube was pretty scarred over and she was not sure if I would be able to have kids. My husband and I did not want to do in vitro or use infertility drugs, we decided to look into adoption, but last year as I was getting ready to submit an adoption application I found out in early Dec I was pregnant and 7 weeks ago gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I really hope it happens for you. I found as soon as I put getting pregnant out of my mind and changed my attitude to a positive one, that is when we conceived. I hope this helps. Up until that point I felt hopeless and helpless and pretty sorry for myself.Best of luck!!!


Lizelle - October 7

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I'm so happy for you! I guess I came to the point were I'm feeling sorry for myself and all the questions about why me etc.? I just have to try harder to be positive again. I wish you all the best with the baby boy. Thanks again.


Beware!! - October 14

Please beware of using ovulex with endometriosis. If it works anything like fertility drugs such as Clomid it is only like adding fuel to a fire with endo.!! I was also just recently diagnosed with endo satge 4. I tried ovulex, and did get pregnant after 3 mo. I had a m/c and soon after that the endo progressed to the point of being very painfull and I discovered I had cysts that eventually became endometriomas.Very painful!! I truly believe that the ovulex made the endo go into overdrive and progress. I could be wrong, but I wont take anymore chances. Sorry this is so long and I hope I don't offend anybody! thanks


Lizelle - October 16

Thank you for telling us about the Ovulex. What were your next steps?


Beware - October 16

I just recently had a lap which is what discovered the endo. I had 2 preg prior to the surg, both ended with m/c. The first was blighted ovum. The 2nd I had just found out I was pregnant and within a week I lost it. My dr. wants me to do the lupron inj. for 6. He also said since I was able to get pregnant before that if I wanted to try agin for 3 months before starting the shots that was o.k. with him. He said I HAVE to do something, pregnancy or the shot within the nex three months. So all prayers are apreciated we are gonna go for broke and hopefully be pregnant within three months.Oh! by the way my second pregnancy I was not taking the ovulex. Got pregnant three mo. after first m/c. (2nd mo. of ttc.) Good luck and hang in there!


Jen - October 16

I have been having troubles conceiving. Can you tell me what endometrioses is and how what the symptoms are?


LIzelle - October 19

I just had my 6 week post-op today from having surgery to remove some off my endo. I asked my dr. about the Ovulex. He advised me not to take it. He said that my pelvic area is way too damadge from the endo and that I have no chance conceiving naturally. I am having another lap. done Nov 1st to see how bad/good the surgery turned out. He said not to waist any time with the Ovulex but to start working with the specialist soon cause that will be in my best interrest. He said that the Ovulex would not let the endo grow faster than a normal cycle but the pain/cramps will be alot worse. I already have bad cramps and cannot imagine worse. So I,m going to put my faith in his advise and have a appointment with my specialist Nov.10th. I thought I could save alot off money by not doing the IVF but I don't have a choice and I think I'm making the right decision? Or should I take a chance? I don't know anymore? has anybody had to make these decisions too?


Lizelle - October 19

Hi Jen - go to your search engine and put in endo. You will get lots off info that way. I can tell you what my symptoms are: severe pain with my periods, I had to stay home sometimes. I even have pain between my peroids. Constipation. ( I don't have BM for up to 2 weeks at a time)Frequent urinating( I went to the bathroom atleast 15 times during the night and then nothing comes out). Very heavy periods with alot of cloths.Then I have bad headaches which sometimes develop into migranes.And then last but not least FATIGUE, I am tired all the time.! I hope this helps you. I'm very new to this too but we've come to the right place for information,advice and support. Good luck and keep in contact.


Suzi - October 20

Have you seen the other posts about Ovulex and the company who makes it? The posts warn the company is a phantom internet company and the FDA says the company makes false claims about the safety of their products. After reading that, I wouldn't ever, ever use any products from Selmedica Healthcare. I want a bady too bad to risk using a product from a shady company that says they are leaders in the industry and can't even get their phone listed or a business license and the FDA says their product claims are unfounded.


Lizelle - October 20

Thanks for the warning. I knew it sound to good to be true. I'll stick with the IVF. Lots of baby dust to all of us!



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