ovulex/clomid. share your stories please!! is there hope?
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ashlee - November 28

hi there. i was wondering how many people that have tried ovulex or clomid and it actually worked for them and how long they were ttc before taking it and how long it took them to conceive after taking it. please add your story because ive been ttc for almost a year now with one m/c in june and i cant wait any longer. every month is getting more and more upsetting and i cant take much more of this dissapointment, as im sure a truckload of you women on this site feel aslo. im not sure what is wrong with me or my guy (if anything) but id like to give one fo them a try. so please share you succes stories. or even unsuccessful stories, so everyone can have a bit of insight into how well they work. thanks a million, i cant wait to read your posts!


SB - November 28

I tried 6 bottles of ovulex and it didn't do anything. I took a month off to let it get out of my system and I am now 3 dpo on my first clomid cycle. Hope it works! good luck with whatever you choose


ashlee - November 29

thanks SB. i have not yet chosen anything. im hoping for some more people to respond to my post that may be able to head me in the right direction. so please feel free to share your stories.


ashlee - December 11

anyone else please?


lori - December 27

I tried ovulex and got pregnant just before starting my third bottle. It really works!


ashlee - December 28

hey lori, congrats!! i will see where im heading this cycle first. im about two days late...... holding onto hope!!


jg - December 28

HI Ashlee I used clomid and got pregnant FIRST TIME. Read my story for more info. I know how you feel.
It's in this section named "need hope? read my story" dated 27/12. Good luck to you.


ashlee - December 28

jg, thanks adn congrats!, i will have a look. its good that there are people out here that are getting pg quite quickl from these!!



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