Ovulex - Share Success stories please!
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kittyfoofoo - March 28

Hello All! I'm New here.. I'm 29 and my husband and I have been ttc for about 4 years now. No luck. I have had irregular periods which my doctor says have caused my uterine lining to thicken. I've been put on Provera to force my periods. He's talking about putting me on Chlomid to help me ovulate. Then he's really pushing for IVF. First and foremost I want to get my Uterus & Ovulation problem fixed before ttc. Afterall if I don't have a good working oven, how am I supposed to have a baby? We've tried it all when it comes to ttc... We are just starting to seek more medical advice. So now we know that I have a problem with my ovulation and because of that a problem with my periods and because of that a problem with the lining in my Uterus. Which now brings me to my questions... I've been doing some reading on OVULEX. I want to try it... But I'm terrified of trying something that is going to harm me. All I read really inspires me to try it. I seriously need some success stories. I am a major major SKEPTIC. So I need you all to come out and help me. I truly believe that because of the price of IVF my doc is pushing for it... I have a sneaking suspicion he's wanting to take more EXPENSIVE routes. So please... If you are an OVULEX SUCCESS STORY... Please do share!! I want to know if there are REAL WOMEN out there that have tried it and succeeded for both PREGNANCY AND CYCLE/OVULATION PROBLEMS! HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!


Toya25 - March 29

i used it for a month and it didnt work for me but im just one person and everyone bodies are different im not trying to discourage you but it didnt work for me


LauraEssary - March 29

NO offense but I am not sure that using it for one month was really giving it a fair shot. Maybe 3 months. I mean the odds are against pregnancy even for fertile women. Yeah of course some pop out babies like its nothing but the average couple who don't have any fertility issues can still take anywhere from 3-12 months to get pregnant. They say "normal' couples only have a 20% chance of getting pg each month. And only like an 90% chance in the first year. So in my opinion Ovulex still has at most a 20% chance of helping a woman who has fertility issues get pregnant in the first month. Sure some people have but I am sure that is just luck. I think at least 3 cycles is giving your body and any remedy a fair chance. JMO.


LauraEssary - March 30

Kittyfoofoo: I looked up the ovulex website and I noticed that they have a buy 3 get 3 free offer. I was wondering on how many you were going to buy. I'd do the buy 3 get 3 free thing with you and split the cost so we both get 3 bottles and save a bit of money. I would like to try it too!. I have even thought of seeing If I could talk my hubby into the Ambroze product (like Ovulex for men) they ave some good deals for that too. Let me know what you think. I can send the $ to you or vice versa. its only $30 a bottle that way!



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