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hales84 - September 27

sorry im new to this site i have ordered and recieved my ovulex this is my second day i just have a few questions 1. do u have to keep it in the fridge is there a reason for this? 2. how long have people left it before trying for a baby? i have Hypothyroidism and i think that may be the cause of me not getting pregnant does anyone know if ovulex will help that or am i wasteing my time this is a last resort as my doctor wont touch me because of my Hypothyroidism condition. p.s i have been trying for 3 years will no luck i dont ovulate at all i havent had a period in 4 months does anyone else have this problem and does anyone know if ovulex will help?
Thanks xoxo


mani06 - September 27

hi Hale..where did you order that from and how does that work?


hales84 - September 27

i got it of ebay it is supposed to give your body a hormone balance and help you to conceive i take two tablets a day and it says you should be pregnant 3 months after starting them


mani06 - September 27

thanx hale..i m just trying to keep my options open



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