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teah - October 18

does any body know of this product? does it actually work like it says?


Mary - October 20

You need to read other posts regarding the makers of Ovulex, Selmedica Healthcare before you go spend your money on it. Try looking up "Selmedica Healthcare" in any internet yellow pages. They don't exist. Funny that a company who claims to be a industry leader with 50 years experience can't seem to get themselves listed in the phone book. Try it yourself. Better yet, look up Selmedica Healthcare at the better business bureau. (BBB.org). Tons of complaints. The Food and Drug Administration has even sent them a letter saying their claims are unfounded on many of their other products and their claims about the safety of their products is in question. I want a baby. Not more problems. I'd never use Ovulex after learning what I have and hope you'll do your own research before you risk your fertility with an untested product from a company that only exists on the internet who has racked up a whole bunch of complaints with the Better Business Bureau. One last thing when reading the other posts. Notice no one is getting pregnant. Buyer beware!



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