Ovulation without period??
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txbrandywine - May 9

Hi, My periods are few and far between, after I stopped BC. My dr. tested my hormones, checked my out and said I'm ok. Also, I am using an ovulation kit for the first time after trying for several months on our own and have detected an LH surge. After reading this page, I have hope that I can get preg. I thought I was alone and was worried that I would have to go to other avenues to conceive. Thank you


ohiochic - January 26

hi i was recently on birthcontrol 4 about 2 yrs and got off it they said it would prolly take 6 mos 4 my body to adjust back after stopping... hope that helps


mezz - February 2

Ok, so my last period was 8th dec, i havent had one since, but i have been doing ovulation tests, and they appear to be working on a 35 day cycle, with no period in between, i asked my GP and he said it is possible to ovulate with out a period, and to do a test in a week to 10 days. very frustrating as i am now 8 weeks today with no period!!!


Chele Pants - February 9

Hi all you can get pregnant without having a period. i came off the pill christmas week & didn't have a withdrawal bleed or a period. I was 5 weeks without any bleeding & did a hpt & i was pregnant. But it was a failed pregnancy


amz569 - August 26

I went off the pill early May but haven't had a period since. The last 2 months I have been charting my basal temperature and haven't really figured out a pattern yet. Seems like there are times were I have ovulated and had sex those days, but nothing so far. For those who have gotten pregnant, has it been the nausea that makes you do the test? I don't want to buy a test every month and not sure if waiting til I'm sick is the best method. I'm also thinking about getting the ovulation test strips. Do they work really good?


Aunemom2b - August 26

AMZ569 - yes! Get the strips - or the predictor kit..either works. I am GRATEFUL that I used one this month because we had my IUI scheduled for day 17 (when I usually ovulate) and I was using the tests that said I was positive on day 14!!! WOW!! It was a rushh to get it all scheduled early - skipped the sonogram and shot...just did the IUI.. I am on 2ww - but will definitely use it again. www.early-pregnancy-tests.com has very reasonable test for ovulation and pregnancy. Their pregnancy tests are stronger than most!! I don't test until I am at least 3 days late. (except this month I will test early because it's killing me to know - lol)...if you don't have a period...then test on day 28...GOOD LUCK!!! :-)


lav82 - October 13

Came off pill. got 2 periods but they were not normal then I missed my period in september. I had all the signs of being pregnant. My Dr gave me Pregnancy Tests, Pap smears, blood tests, the works.. Every thing came back healthy and not pregnant. I was worried as we are trying to get pg. She then as a last resort sent me off to an ultrasound. Still no period now october, ultra sound showed no signs of pregnancy.. Showed i had a tiny fibroid which obgyn says is nothing to be concerned by, However the ultrasound also showed that I was about to ovulate, it showed my left ovary about to release and egg, she just said go home and start having lots of sex.. My point is that I guess you CAN ovulate with no period


lubna - November 25

I have always had irregular periods all my life. sometimes with heavy bleeding, sometimes just spotting. Now I just don't have periods by it self for 9-10 months in a row. I am 31 now try to conceive. My Dr prescribed clomid 50mg, 100mg n 150mg after initiating periods with the help of progesteron.
Still negative for 4 cycles now. I didn't ovulate at all. whats wrong with me ? should I be seeing fertility expert or try with 150mg clomid for one more month ?


ddthompson92 - May 15

I haven't had my period on over a year I went on the depo shot right after I had my son...I just want to know how do I keep track of my ovulation days...


lubna - May 16

Its been 3 years that I posted my last message. NO reply or solution to my problem. Its such a waste of time discussing your worries here, no one is with you.....
Ladies don't waste time in reading blogs like this, instead discuss with a family member os a doctor who can actually help you out. GOOD LUCK.


RT - May 16

I haven't been in here since 05...didn't remember i was registered on here either, until I got an email alert from this forum...anyways I did asked my doctor and it was due to stress, not enough sleep, and my eating habits decreased (from 3 meals a day to 1 meal) and a lot of coffee...explains why I missed my period for months and when I think I have it, there's spotting here and there that lasted a few days...After I had my second child in 2007 my period was irregular again until my child was 6 months old...


Micha - May 16

Hi lubna. I have only just joined recently but so far I have been in contact with people talking about my problems and also I find it good to hear what others are going through (not in a nasty way, just in that you know you are not alone). I'm sorry you didnt get a response. I think sometimes its a matter of joining the right forum. I only look at a couple as there are heaps and impossible to stay on top of all of them. Feel free to ask your question or tell your story on this one and I promise I will respond =)


tmcdermitt - October 17

Yes you do ovulate or can i should say without a period. My daughter has had to take meds to start her period. Then she started on her own for 8 months straight. She wasnt and then the periods stopped again. Went back on meds and she still has not started. She is in nursing school and they gave her some ovulation test. She HAS been ovulating the last 2 months for about 6 days at a time. You dont ovulate the same as u do with a period the doctor says. You will ovulate more often and if you do get preg which u can, there could be alot more pain with the implantation.



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