Ovulation without period??
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RT - March 14

Hi, I have not had a period since 25 Jan, which is when I came off the BC pill, however, I still appear to have signs of ovulation (EWCM, cramps, etc). Is it possible to still ovulate (therefore get pregnant) without having a period? If I miss this month's period i'm going to phone the doc's. Thanks for reading.


COC - March 14

Hi. Yeah, as far as I know after coming off the pill you ovulate before your get your next period.


CE - June 25

No Doubt that you ovulate beore your next period.Your cramping could be something else.Sometimes it takes a while to get a period and get regular cycles after coming of the pill.You should check with your doc anyway.


ddg - June 25

Hi, I have the same problem i missed my period this month. All the pt's were negetive. So I have the same question can I still get pregnant on my best days.


Brandy - June 27

I would still have a pregnancy test done at your physicians office just to rule it out. If you don't have a period, you don't ovulate. (or you already are pregnant) You may need to get a prescription to start your period if you don't have one next month as well; sometimes stress can cause your period to be late or to skip one or two all together.


s - June 27

I also stopped the pill in Jan. I had no period last month, but I had been pretty reg. until then; I guess. A couple of days ago, I started having O symptoms. Painful right ovary, cramping, ewcm, etc. I am ttc for 6 months, so I am using a opk. It says that I am o'ing now. So, I don't think you have to have a normal period to get pregnant. I think I even read that on another thread somewhere. Good luck to you


ajm - July 25

I did not have a period for 8 months and still got pregnant was I still ovulating even without A period


Alma - September 9

The same thing happened to me. I did not had a period for a whole year when I got off the BC and the doctor told me that Yes I can still very much so get pregnant and the very next month after 13 months without a period I surely was pregnant so there you go. Dont think because you dont have your period that you cant get pregnant sometimes if you were on your BC for a very long time your system needs to get use to being without the BC. So hopefully you will be ok


Lena - September 9

Yes, it is possible to ovulate and not have a period.


Mara - September 12

Was reading the threads here and for you guys that were ont he bill that got off and missed periods about how long did it take for them to come back? I just went off the pill at the end of July..havent had a period since..I've taken 3 tests all negative and me and my husband decided that we want to start trying to conceive. I want to wait at least a couple of regular periods so I can track my ovulation better, but was wondering how long it will be before I get the any at all? It's driving me crazy!


me - September 12

Unfortunately, you can have your period without ovulating and you can ovulate without having your period. Having a period makes it easier to estimate when the best time to have sex in order to conceive. As for BC, it depends on the individual. It took me one month before I got regular periods again, but some women take up to 3 or so. As always, check with your doctor. Good luck.


AS - September 14

Yes you can. I go to a fertility specialists and they did confirm this for me. Keep trying and baby dust to all.


Mindi - September 14

Well that is good to know, because I recently got off BC pills and have missed 1 period, with 2 negative hpt's. Since AF didn't come this month, I am going to use an OPK to find out when or even if I am ovulating. Good luck to all!


liz5 - September 19

I had the same question ttc for a few months now and I am a student I think stress has caused a missed period for Sept. but I was wondering if I would stll Ovulate for this month. My cycles have been regular for the last 6 to 8 months and I been off bc for 5 years now.


Sarah - September 27

Yes, yes, yes, you can still ovulate and not have a period. I went off the pill in March and never got a period. In July, my doctor put me on a 10 day treatment of hormones to start my period. It never came! I then went to acupuncture at the beginning of August. I still didn't get my period. I had been taking home pregnancy tests since June off and on. All came up neg. Low and behold, after experiencing significant breast soreness and bloating, I took a preg. test on Sept. 3rd and is showed up neg. Took another test Sept 5th and it was positive. Went to the doctor for confirmation. We are thrilled. I have my first ultra sound next week to determine how far along I am. Obviously I can't go by the date of my last period in March!! I have been keeping a journal of my body's aches, pains, discomforts, discharges, etc since I went off the pill in March. This helped considerabley. I was able to track that, although I wasn't experiencing a period with a blood flow, I did have a pattern of symptoms each month. It was very helpful for my doctors to review also. Good luck to you.


mariaulugo - April 22

Can I get pregnant without having my periods


txbrandywine - May 9

Hi, My periods are few and far between, after I stopped BC. My dr. tested my hormones, checked my out and said I'm ok. Also, I am using an ovulation kit for the first time after trying for several months on our own and have detected an LH surge. After reading this page, I have hope that I can get preg. I thought I was alone and was worried that I would have to go to other avenues to conceive. Thank you



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